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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Barack Obama Fact #1

I'm starting a new series here at IWIWIP and, as you can read above, it's titled Barack Obama Facts.

Fact #1:

Proof that Obama will lie if it will help him get ahead in the game comes to us via the horse's mouth and the reality of the situation.

During the caucus lead-up in Iowa, Obama told a story over and over again about how Maytag had sent jobs of the Galesburg, Illinois plant to Mexico.

Obama claimed that he had been concerned about these jobs and the workers who were losing them, yet union members told Chicago Tribune reporter Bob Secter that Obama had done little to nothing to save those jobs.

So why did he do little to nothing to help save those jobs?

Because he had a special relationship with a top Maytag investor. That special relationship was one of having thousands of dollars in cash flowing into the coffers of Obama, Inc., via Lester Crown and his family, who gave at least $195,000 to Obama.

Crown, for what it's worth, says that Obama never discussed the Galesburg plant and the fate of the workers that were losing their jobs with him.

Barack Obama lied. What politician doesn't, right? Except Obama said he was different than every other politician, didn't he?

Second, Obama didn't give a shit about these union workers because he was being paid to not give a shit about these union workers.

If you are a union worker in the US, know this. Barack Obama may tell you that he loves you and that you are the backbone of the country but ask the Galesburg Maytag union workers just how much he loved them.

Add in the fact that Obama took nearly a half million dollars from Skadden, Arps, whose profile says, in part, that they "resolve issues that can arise with unions", and I think you have an idea how much Barack Obama loves unions.

So, in short, Barack Obama Fact #1: unions mean nothing to him, especially if he's being paid not to care.

I'm asking self-identified progressives to ask themselves just how liberal that is. At the same time, I'm asking self-identified conservatives, is this how a socialist acts?

Barack Obama is neither a progressive or a socialist. He is, as proven above, a corporatist and a capitalist of the highest order.

Back tomorrow. Ain't gonna hear this shit on Keith Olbermann's show.


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