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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Robert Guzman is ALIVE!!

Robert Guzman, the U.S. citizen who was illegally deported to Mexico in May has been found alive!! And, the United States Government didn't do a damn thing to find him.

Wrongfully Deported SoCal Man Found
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

By JACOB ADELMAN, Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES — A U.S. citizen who was wrongly deported in May was found at a border crossing and could be reunited with his family soon, an American Civil Liberties Union spokesman said Tuesday.

Superior Court Judge Carlos Chung ordered Pedro Guzman's release at a hearing Tuesday in Lancaster. Guzman, 29, was expected to rejoin his family later in the day, according to ACLU Southern California spokesman Michael Soller.

Guzman was jailed on a misdemeanor trespassing violation and deported to Mexico on May 11, according to authorities, after he allegedly told immigration and sheriff's officials that he was an illegal immigrant.

Guzman's family is suing federal and county officials over the deportation. In the lawsuit, the family claims Guzman is mentally disabled and was asked about his immigration status in jail and responded that he was born in California.

The ACLU, which helped file the lawsuit, has said it has a copy of Guzman's birth certificate showing he was born at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

U.S. State Department officials have denied the family's claim that Guzman was mentally disabled, and federal and county officials have maintained they acted properly.

Guzman's family said he called them soon after he was deported to tell them what happened but couldn't say exactly where he was. After that they lost touch with him.

They said they spent weeks frantically searching in Mexico for him.

As you can see, the United States Government didn't find him. He showed up by himself at a border crossing.

Another thing that really pisses me off is the fact that the U.S. State Department actually had the audacity and the cojones to dispute his family's claim that he's mentally disabled. How fucking dare they!! If anyone knows that he's mentally disabled, it is certainly his family. It is not the damn government.

I hope that these bastards are held accountable, and I'm glad that the family is suing. These bastards deserve it!!

I'm very happy for him as well as his family that he is alive, and that they will be reunited. I, like probably many others, thought that he'd be deceased. But I'm pleased that there is a happy outcome here, no thanks to this damn government who put this whole situation in motion by being incompetent, ignorant, lying bastards.

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  • At 7:39 PM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

    It's great that he has been found. I recall your post about him being illegally deported and being mentally disabled.

    With the ACLU helping, maybe the Guzman family will win the lawsuit for him. The government should be held accountable.

  • At 4:15 PM, Blogger FunkyTown Fighter said…

    Thank the stars he's alive! My cousin told me about this and I was furious!! It reminded me of an incident that happened in my own family not too long ago. My cousin who is 13 and mentally retarded was playing in the front yard of my aunts house with a TOY PLASTIC WATER GUN when police came and knocked him to the ground and held him at gun point, claiming that he had pointed the gun at them and they thought it was REAL. YEAH RIGHT!!!! They were in the area looking for a Felon who had skipped bail and tried to claim they thought my cousin was the felon!!! My cousin lives with my widowed aunt who is in her 70's the scare for them both was terrible. Do you think anything was done to the BASTARDS? HELL NO. My only hope is that this family gets the justice MY family did not get!!!! BASTARDS I HOPE THEY ROT IN THE DEEPEST PITTS OF HELL!!!!
    BTW, thanks for publishing my comment on the baby. I understand why you waited. I thought long and hard about what I was going to say when I commented but I said it because I'm tired of those BASTARDS being "protected" by our silence! Anyway thanks again and keep up the GOOD work!

  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    I'm thrilled for him and his family that he's alive. If it hadn't been for the blatant ignorance and incompetent behavior of these people who deported him, they wouldn't have gone through any of this.

    Hopefully something good will come out of this whole thing other than the fact that he's alive and back where he belongs!!


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