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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lohan Goes To Rehab, AGAIN!!

Lindsay Lohan has once again checked herself into rehab. No doubt it's going to be used as an attempt to avoid time in the slammer for her recent DUI arrest.

Although I don't usually comment on stories like this, I can't help but offer my opinion on the whole subject. First of all, if she's really and truly going to rehab instead of just having "fun" like she did during her last stint in rehab, that's a good thing. Will it work? I don't know!! But it should in no way influence the outcome of her DUI offense and potential other offenses if they do decide to charge her for the cocaine found after her accident. She should get herself clean and sober, and stay that way. But she shouldn't be rewarded because she went to rehab. I'm sorry, but she in particular needs to learn a lesson. She needs to face some real consequences for her actions, and not just the threat of losing a movie role or a few years of probation. Otherwise, she'll just do it again, and again, and again.

One thing I also want to know about is why there's all this sympathy for her mother. Her mother is part of the problem here. Has she ever in her life told her daughter NO? She, in my opinion, has only made matters worse. Her father should also stay the hell out of this matter. He's certainly not going to help, and he's another part of the problem.

What I truly don't and will never understand is why these stars just ruin their lives. They have more money and things than they could ever want in life, and they just throw it all away by doing something stupid like this. It's really pathetic!!

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