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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Latest Pentagon "PR" Move Smacks Of Propaganda!!

Courtesy of Think Progress, this story speaks for itself.

“The Pentagon will announce this week that Geoff Morrell, previously a White House correspondent for ABC News, has been hired as the Defense Department’s on-camera briefer… Morrell, 38, will become a familiar face of the administration on television and the Web. The official said that a working journalist was chosen by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in an effort to improve press relations at a time when the administration is under pressure to show progress in Iraq.”

How much do you want to bet that this new "PR" person is going to be singing the praises of the Pentagon, the military, and this administration? How much do you want to bet that you're never going to hear about the bad things happening in Iraq? It's going to be all sweetness and light-hearted crap!! It's really going to be just bullshit!! We all know what's happening in Iraq. No amount of "PR" is going to change that. We all know this is just more propaganda bullshit spewed in an effort to make it look like this war is a GOOD THING.

Under pressure to show progress in Iraq? So what, are you just going to make shit up now? Oh look, they love us!! They're greeting us with flowers, and hugs. Oops, maybe that was a bullet and a bomb!!

If Jesus Christ himself was hired by the Pentagon to make them look good, Jesus Christ would tell you this is bullshit!!

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