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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Law Of God? Give Me A Break!!

Law of God? Give me a break!! Cardinal Anthony Okogie who is the Archbishop of Lagos is bitching about proposed legalisation on abortion brought up by the UN.

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, has decried UN’s proposed legalisation of abortion, and described it as a negation of the law of God.

Hey jackass!! We don't live by the law of GOD!! We are not living in biblical times. We live by laws created by men and women, not by some cloud being.

According to Okogie, the bill will ensure the elimination of cultural and religious beliefs that stand in the way of the ideology of leading officials in the United Nations to approve abortion.

Okogie said if the bill was passed, it will expose young men and women to immoral sexual life and other social vices.

“The western world merely wants to expand their promiscuity to us by destroying women, families and facilitate moral decadence among our young ones,” the statement said.

These people are so beyond obnoxious, it's not even funny. Giving a woman the right to obtain an abortion if she needs one will lead to immoral sexual life? Please!!

Promiscuity? I actually find that comment laughable. How many priests and nuns in the Catholic Church are promiscuous? Plenty!! The only difference is, they're criminally promiscuous.

The Catholic Church has absolutely no business preventing a woman from having an abortion. I don't give a damn if they consider it a sin. It is something that should be legal everywhere. Like I said, we're not living in biblical times. We live in the here and now where women have a right to decide what is right for themselves instead of being told what is right. If the Catholic Church doesn't like it, tough shit!!

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