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Friday, June 15, 2007

Colombia And Gay Rights

Oh no!! The Catholic Church has something new to bitch about. Well, it's not really something new that the Catholic Church has to bitch about. Christ, they've been bitching about it since day one. But now Colombia is stepping into the spotlight on this issue. What's the issue? GAY RIGHTS!!

BOGOTA, Colombia - Colombia is set to become the first Latin American country to give established gay couples full rights to health insurance, inheritance and social security under a bill passed by its Congress.

Oh my God!! Oh my God!! OH MY GOD!! Colombia can't!! Colombia can't give gay people rights. That would be like giving Satan the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. It would be so wrong!! NOT!! You know, Satan should have the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe he'd spice things up a little bit!!

It's no big surprise that the Catholic Church has to be brought into the conversation on this matter. I mean after all, it's a heavily "Roman Catholic" region. And? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Does that mean that all countries must get the Catholic Church's approval before doing or saying anything? Seriously, I'm sick and tired of hearing the Catholic Church piss and moan about something that some country does. Get a life!! You have your own place. It's called the Vatican. Why don't you spend some time there instead of sticking your damn noses into the business of different countries? Why don't you create your own country and call it Catholicistan? Then, all the religious nuts can live there and leave everyone else alone.

Opponents of the measure and representatives of the Roman Catholic Church said they feared the Colombian law may open the way to gay marriage and gay adoption. But activists say their campaign is focused for now on obtaining practical benefits.

Ooh, we can't have gay marriage and gay adoption. That would be completely unacceptable. I do like the scare tactics that the Catholic Church uses. As if that's going to stop the country of Colombia from passing this law. It kind of reminds me of the scare tactics used in this country. I especially love the one where we're all going to want to hump our animals or engage in polygamy if gay marriage is allowed. Yeah!!

Kudos to Colombia for moving into the year 2007, and actually recognizing that gay people ARE PEOPLE!!

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  • At 11:42 PM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

    No one else has a right to interfere with what anyone else is doing. It's not like you are going out there killing someone.

    What I do in my home is my business since I am not breaking the law. What I do period is my business as long as I am within the law.

    What room has the Catholic Church has to say anything on this subject, if you get what I mean.

    I went into a little detail about this subject on Let's Talk a while back... why can't we all just live and be happy that is all that matters, oh yell and stay out of each others business.


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