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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tuesday Could Bring A Ray Of Light, Or Endless Darkness For America

I'll be honest. I wasn't planning to vote in the election on Tuesday. For two years I swore that I was done. I'd had enough, and I wasn't going to vote ever again. But I changed my mind. I will tell you why I changed my mind.

America has been going to hell every single day since the ILLEGAL Supreme Court decision heard around the world. Votes were stolen. Legitimate voters were prevented from exercising their right to vote. Elections were rigged. I've had enough. I'm sick and tired of the politicians on both sides. They all need to go. I wouldn't be saying this today if a few things had gone differently. Now I'm sure the right-wing lunatics will tell me to get over it. But, one can't get over the biggest shams in the history of American politics.

If people weren't so stupid or blind, they'd realize that the Supreme Court is NOT ALLOWED to interfere in an election. Hence, they're not allowed to select the winner of an election. Therefore, what they did after the 2000 election was ILLEGAL. But people didn't care about that. Instead, they essentially crowned the Smirking Chimp the Dictator of America. And that includes Al Gore too. If he and his VP had grown a pair of balls, America wouldn't be in the situation we are now. The 2004 election was no different. Another election controversy, and another set of WINNERS with no balls.

So why am I voting? For starters, I'm voting to make sure the current governor of my state is not re-elected. This Republithug puke has done absolutely nothing for the state. He's cut funding for pretty much everything under the sun, while claiming that he's doing great things for this state.

I'm voting to make sure a joke of a politician isn't elected to the House of Representatives. He had his chance before while in office but did absolutely nothing for this state.

I'm voting to make sure that the right people are elected to office instead of just some more corrupt thugs who talk out of their asses while pouring on the sleazy charm and making promises that they have absolutely no intention of fulfilling.

I'm voting to make sure that the Democrats take back the House and Senate because that's exactly what needs to happen if there's ever going to be another ray of sunlight in this country.

I'm voting DEMOCRAT because Republithugs have destroyed this country long enough. People have a choice to make on Tuesday. They can choose to bring this country back from the brinks of hell by voting out the Republithugs and voting in the Democrats. Or they can vote Republithug and sink deeper into hell. Take your pick!!


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