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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who's Going To Foot The Bill?

Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous? Now airline passengers are being forced to throw out any "liquids" before they board a flight because of some terror plot to blow up airliners using liquid explosives. This is absolutely ridiculous. And who's going to foot the bill for all these items that people have been forced to throw away? I suggest that everyone who was forced to throw away something before boarding their flight should send the bill for those items to the airlines, or better yet, HOMELAND SECURITY. How dare you force people to throw things away without offering them some kind of compensation for those items that have been discarded.

Do you realize how ridiculous this notion of liquid explosives is in relation to the average person? What average "Joe" is going to know how to create explosives using everyday products such as shampoo, toothpaste, or sports drinks? Unless he or she has done their homework and actually took time away from working 3 or 4 jobs to make ends meet in order to do research on how to do it, the average "Joe" has no clue. Oh, but for safety's sake, let's force everyone to throw all their liquids out because you know, it's better to be alive and be out a nice chunk of change, than to be dead. That logic is completely asinine. But what do we honestly expect? Next thing you know, they'll be forcing everyone who flies to fly naked because your clothes might be considered a weapon of mass destruction.


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