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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rachel Alexandra Kicks Ass!!

I said it would happen and it did!! The FEMALE horse Rachel Alexandra kicked ass at the Preakness from start to finish, and beat the BOYS!!

If she runs in the Belmont and wins, that will be fantastic!! If she runs in the Belmont and doesn't win, that's okay too. If she doesn't run in the Belmont, fine!!

You see, it really doesn't matter anymore. She did what everyone said she couldn't. She won!! Egotistical, greedy, chauvinistic MALE owners tried to keep her from even competing. She showed up. She did her thing. The silence from these MEN was deafening!!

Even though she won by one length, she did what I said she would. She wiped the track with their asses from the start!!

I'm sure that I won't have a voice tomorrow after screaming!! But it is all worth it because her win made me proud!! This isn't a club for BOYS only anymore!! Step aside and let the best horse win.



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