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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, You Know, What Can I Say?

I told you so sounds so trite and juvenile.

But you know what?

I told you so. Me and a large number of people that truly give a shit about left politics, because we are true leftists and not salesmen with a fancy slogan or sheep that will blindly follow anything not named Bush.

Does it surprise any of us that Barack Obama would go back on his promise to be the head of a transparent administration? Nope.

Does it surprise us that Barack Obama wouldn't give a shit about the American people and what they want? Nope.

These photos, says the king, would endanger the American soldier and raise "anti-American" sentiment. Because "running two wars" isn't endangering the American soldier. Because killing innocent people doesn't raise "anti-American" sentiment.

When challenged that he was going back on his bullshit claim to transparency, Obama countered so weakly, he might as well have kept his lying trap shut. His response: the American people know all about torture and, besides which, this torture took place long before my administration came into power.

Oh, okay. So sorry to trouble you with the law, Mr. Constitutional Professor. I'll let you get back to playing with your damned dog and making pretty speeches now.

What a great reply to the charge of being a typical lying politician. Yep, sure am, but the Bush thugs are the ones that did the torturing.

Aren't you fucking tired of being treated like you're a fucking idiot by people like Barack Obama? You can't handle seeing these photos, ladies and gentlemen. Your minds would melt down and drip out of your ears and pool at your feet.

Hey, wasn't that the same excuse the Bush thugs used as to why we couldn't see any "evidence" of anything (Osama bin Laden's proported guilt in the attacks of 9/11/01, the WMDs in Iraq, etc., etc., etc.)? We have to protect the American people. Wasn't that the same excuse?

Maybe you're not sick and tired of being treated like a child or a dumbfuck (and by the number of calls coming to C-SPAN as I write this, you ARE NOT sick and tired of being treated like a child or a dumbfuck). Maybe you like to continue to be fed bullshit and told it's ice cream. Maybe you believe that the king is right and we should never know the truth because we're too immature to handle it.

In that case, I need to ask you, what separates you from a Bush sycophant and Barack Obama from Bush/Cheney/Rice?

So sorry for getting this guy right in the first place. But I told you so.


  • At 1:13 AM, Anonymous baylee01 said…

    You know, Christopher, I am so sick and tired of politic's. Obama, bush, cheney, rice, rumsfeld, ALL a bunch of friggin liars.
    I am still getting emails from political cyberspace asking ME for donations. WTF? Obama is pres, why do they keep hounding me for money?
    Give me some friggin money, I am about ready to lose my home.
    Gawd, they are all a bunch of jack asses, and the next elections that come around, I am GONE. BYE BYE.


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