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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Father Oprah"

For some reason I find this story to be rather hilarious!!

Scandalous photos surface of Fla.'s 'Father Oprah'

MIAMI – A Miami priest known as "Father Oprah" for offering relationship advice on the archdiocese's radio network is no longer broadcasting after photos surfaced that show him embracing a woman at a bar and at the beach, church officials said Tuesday.

Archdiocesan spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta said the Rev. Albert Cutie met privately with his superior Tuesday, but it wasn't disclosed whether Cutie quit or was removed as head of the radio network and as pastor of St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church in Miami Beach.

Cutie issued a statement Tuesday evening saying he remains committed to serving God.

"I ask for the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions," he said.

Agosta called Cutie a wonderful priest and said he is on a prayerful journey.

"He has consoled and celebrated and christened and been in contact with hundreds of thousands of people through his church and programs, and now it's time to ask for prayers for Father Albert," she said.

Cutie headed the archdiocese's Radio Paz and Radio Peace broadcasts, heard throughout the Americas and in Spain. The Cuban-American priest was born in Puerto Rico and previously hosted shows on Telemundo. He is also a syndicated Spanish-language columnist and author of the book "Real Life, Real Love: 7 Paths to a Strong, Lasting Relationship."

Cynthia Hudson, an executive vice president at the Miami-based Spanish Broadcasting System, said her company's Mega TV network was approached by a paparazzo about four to six weeks ago with photos and video purportedly showing Cutie and a woman. The paparazzo wanted more than $100,000 for the images, but she said the network was unable to verify their authenticity and said they posed an ethical quandary.

"There's an ethical line that you draw when you cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt," Hudson said.

The photos were published in the Spanish-language magazine TVnotas.

Earlier Tuesday, Archbishop John C. Favalora apologized to parishioners and listeners.

"Father Cutie's actions cannot be condoned despite the good works he has done as a priest," Favalora said in a statement. "Scandals such as this offer an occasion for the Church on all levels to examine our consciences regarding the integrity of our commitments to the Lord and to his Church."

Here is a priest who is being scorned, punished, and perhaps maybe even defrocked for possibly having a relationship with an ADULT. Not a child!! An ADULT!!

The Catholic Church is so quick to condemn "Father Oprah" who may or may not be having a consensual relationship with an ADULT woman. Yet for decades they lied about and attempted to cover up the sexual abuse of children by priests and nuns. To this day they continue to lie about and deny accusations of abuse.

I just find this story hilarious. He's not abusing a child. For that reason alone he should be applauded!!

Before some Catholic writes to tell me that I know nothing about the Catholic Church and attempts to "school" me on what's expected of a priest, allow me to stop you from wasting your time. He's not a pedophile. End of story!!


  • At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree. This ancient vow required of priesthood(celibacy) should be left for the past. Maybe then it would save a lot of children from the pent up sexual frustration of human men pedophiles that seem almost to be created from this celibate position or maybe its become a good place for them to hide. Allow priests to marry and get rid of the perversions that occur in the unnatural state of celibacy. We then can relate to them when they speak of life.

  • At 3:09 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    I was watching a discussion this afternoon about the vow of celibacy and this whole "Father Oprah" scandal.

    According to the guy who was speaking, the vow of celibacy has been around for 900 plus years. Do you want to know why it came to exist? The reason it was put in place was because if a priest died and he was married, his estate would go to his widow instead of the Church.

    In other words, the Church became greedy!! Why does that little factoid not surprise me in the least?????


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