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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barack Obama, the Chicago Public School System and the Future Of American Education

Yesterday, our soon-to-be savior declared that his Education Secretary would be Arne Duncan, the CEO (huh?) of the Chicago Public School system.

I just had to add that HUH there behind the acronym CEO because, typically, everyone thinks of CEOs as being men or women that head up corporations. Is that the way Chicago schools are run, like corporations?

No wonder Barack Obama thinks so "highly" of the Chicago system. Or not.

What did Mr. Obama have to say about his friend Arne, I mean, after all the bullshit was clear about how great a basketball player he is?

"First of all, I think Arne, Joe, myself all agree that the Chicago public schools aren't as good as they need to be."

This was in response to a question by a reporter that asked if he thought so much about Duncan's accomplishments as CEO of Chicago schools, why didn't Obama send his girls to public schools.

Read that answer again.

Doesn't sound a whole hell of a lot like he thinks Duncan was a genius to me. How about you? That answer was Obama grasping at straws.

But keep that answer in mind while you think about this.

Arne Duncan has been CEO of Chicago public schools since 2001. In those seven, nearly eight years, according to Obama and Joe (I guess Biden, right?), Chicago public schools haven't been "as good as they need to be". Certainly not good enough for Obama's own children.

And yet, Barack Obama is going to foist Arne Duncan, a failure in Obama's own words, onto the entire country as the Secretary of Education.

Sounds like No Child Left Behind just got a new sibling: No School Worth A Shit.


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