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Monday, December 01, 2008

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Imagine this. Mike Malloy has found it within himself to drop his "moratorium" about criticizing Barack Obama.

Well, sort of.

We - millions of us - must have misunderstood. During the Democratic primaries and the general election just past, I could've sworn I heard Barack Obama talking about - insisting upon - change. At least, I thought that's what I heard.

Maybe not. Maybe Obama didn't say "change" at all. Maybe he said, "Look, I'm not going to change anything except a few presidential staff picks." Is that what I heard? Is that what you heard? I mean, look at the selections for key foreign policy posts announced today: Hillary Clinton at State; retired U.S. Army General James Jones, National Security Advisor; Bush appointee Robert Gates remains as Secretary of Defense. Um . . . wait . . . no . . .

Years ago, I remember being told (at least, I think I remember being told) - by mental health experts, no less - that there was definite and serious danger in ingesting too many drugs, in terms of both quantity and quality. Drugs could break your chromosomes; drugs could put your immune system to sleep; drugs could shred your capacity to file short-term memories. Apparently, I didn't listen. I mean, I must not have listened. Because look at what's happening! My short-term memory seems to have a definite flaw. A big one. I swear a few months ago I heard Barack Obama promising change. Change! CHANGE! And, yet, nothing is changing. It's all simply reappearing. Like the ghosts of Christmases past, moving about, chains clanking, foul odors filling the room, wretched wailing echoing down the hallways.

On the other hand, maybe none of this is really happening. Maybe it's all part of some truly weird pretend reality. Like the story of a temp worker getting trampled to death at a Long Island, New York, Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving. Or reports of terror attacks in Mumbai, India, that left scores dead, hundreds wounded. Did that horrible stuff really happen during the past few days?

Did Barack Obama really promise change?

I know! Let's pretend we're going to do a radio talk show tonight. You pretend to call in and I'll pretend I'm hosting the program. Okay?


Forgive me that I get a perverse sense of satisfaction every time I read something coming out of the corners of Malloy and other so-called liberals/progressives that fell for the okeydoke and swallowed the Obama myth whole and are now realizing that they were duped.

Forgive me that I shake my head and laugh at their anguish over trusting a guy that would have been a snake-oil salesman back in the covered wagon days of this country.

Forgive me that I hold my stomach as it shakes as I watch them come to understand that they "voted" for yet another politician.

And forgive me that I just can't seem to find the sympathy to tell them that everything's going to be all right.

Because, when it counted, not one of these people listened to a word that anyone that had looked into just who and what runs Barack Obama had to say.

I was there eleven months ago. People like Adolph Reed, Jr. were there four and eight years ago, when Barack first made his presence felt.

I can only speak about what I tried to do to get people to understand what Barack Obama was all about.

And I can tell you that it fell on deaf ears, especially where it concerns Mike Malloy.

I showed him the voting record of Barack Obama, how the "good" senator had voted over and over again to fund the "war" in Iraq, despite the fact that Obama and his cult-like followers denied that truth.

I showed him the money that was lined up behind Barack Obama, despite the fact that Obama and his cult said that wasn't true.

I showed him how Obama didn't really give a crap if you lost your home and how Obama's advisers said, "Let them eat cake!"

I showed him how Obama and Hillary Clinton (now Obama's best friend) were no different than each other, despite the fact that they attempted and succeeded in getting America to buy that, hook, line and sinker.

All this and more, I gave to Mike Malloy. Put it right in his hot little hands. If he had bothered to read any of it.

I did a three-way series of interesting votes that McCain, Clinton and Obama all cast, for or against, and, each day, sent these "reports" about McCain, then Clinton and then Obama to Malloy.

Day one, Malloy read about McCain.

Day two, Malloy read about Clinton.

Day three, Malloy deleted the "report" about Obama.

When I snuck something past him by titling the subject as something like Articles, despite the fact that it was all about Obama, it got read.

As soon as I put the name Obama in the subject line, it got deleted.

This was the last straw, as you should know if you've been reading anything I've ever posted when talking about Mike Malloy, and I left the Malloy program in my capacity as Senior Correspondent at that point.

So you'll forgive me, after having supplied Mike Malloy for four months with the truth about Barack Obama and getting nowhere, if I don't shed a tear for him now that he's "discovered" that Barack Obama was really a shit all along.

P.S. I'm not the kind of guy to hold my breath so I'm real certain that very soon, the "moratorium" will be back on and all will be forgiven. What's funny is, if you read the way he's reacting, Malloy's not really criticizing Obama too harshly anyway, is he? The "moratorium" never really went away.


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