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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Malloy

It took twenty-four hours for Mike Malloy to cozy up to Barack Obama again, this time because the spooky evil guys, the same guys that Barack Obama had backing him in the "election", are or were (I don't know which, considering things can change on a dime with Malloy) plotting a coup.

Don't believe Mike Malloy said that? Well, he wrote it. Have a look.

Change we can . . . well, you know.

President-elect Obama's choice to be Defense Secretary - Robert Gates, who already is Dick Cheney's Defense Secretary - held a press conference this afternoon. It was very interesting. The press asked questions. Defense Secretary/Defense Secretary Designate Gates answered them. It was all very low-keyed and polite. Defense Secretary/Defense Secretary Designate Gates said he really, really respected soon-to-be-ex President Bush. And he said he also really, really respected soon-to-be-President Barack Obama.

Then, answering a question from the Crack Pentagon Press Corp, Defense Secretary/Defense Secretary Designate Gates said, well, yes, he is a Republican even though he is not political and hasn't been political since a long time ago when he first entered the Foreign Service/Defense Game, er, Profession.

Then Defense Secretary/Defense Secretary Designate Gates allowed as how, yes, there were some differences among the "team" put together by President-elect Obama but, hey, he was certainly glad to serve his country.

It was an, indeed, an interesting press conference. Probably the Pentagon Generals and Real Warriors will now deep-six whatever coup d'etat they might have been considering because Barack Obama is, well, you know, not a . . . veteran. And is a Democrat. And Democrats have this (wrong!) reputation of not loving war and bombing and death and destruction the way Republicans do. So, the Pentagon Generals and Real Warriors went back to Planning Things and Getting Ready for their response to the terror attacks coming our way big time.

And then Defense Secretary/Defense Secretary Designate Gates said thank you and the Crack Pentagon Press Corp said you're welcome and they all went somewhere else.

Change is good.


Oy. Where to start?

First of all, why would the powers that be want Barack Obama overthrown even before he has a chance to get their policies (not his but theirs) in place, making them zillions of dollars and very, very happy?

You don't overthrow the one you love, do you? Barack Obama is such a rock star, if he told the people that they had to give one of their children to a corporation of HIS choice, millions would be lining up to hand over Bobby and Suzy.

Second, did I read that right? Did Malloy honestly say that "Democrats have this (wrong!) reputation of not loving war and bombing and death and destruction the way Republicans do"?

Really? Honestly?

So who the fuck was Franklin Roosevelt? Who the fuck was Harry Truman? How about John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson? What about Jimmy Carter and what about Bill Clinton?

These were all Democrats and all of them had some kind of war or some kind of hand in someone else's war and drank the exact same blood as the Republicans in between them. Especially Harry Truman, who dropped not one but two nuclear bombs on the country of Japan, who was already well on their way to surrendering.

And, finally, I just have to refer to my previous comments and add this.

When I finally left the Malloy program, I left with an e-mail that said that Malloy should write me in 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 and tell me just how great things were.

While he hasn't written me yet (and, of course, it isn't 2009 yet, either), he's already starting to learn just what he kept pushing in our direction.

Whether it'll take remains to be seen. Though, as I've said before, I'm not holding my breath on this one.


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