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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Obama: Parent?

Yes, the Obamas are back at it, sending their children out to have the entire world fawn over them, say "Aww, ain't that cute?" and then talk about how their parents must be such great people.

I recall two somebodies saying that they'd never pull that again. Guess that's just another lie out of the Obama machine.

But what I really came to talk about today is Barack Obama's validity as a parent.

Does he really have any?

Remember Father's Day, when candidate Obama railed against black fathers (not fathers in general but black fathers in specific) and talked about how they acted like "boys"? Remember that? Remember how he had his on-the-couch moment in which he acted out a revenge fantasy against his own father for never being there for his mother and for him by targeting an entire (and specific) group of men?

I wonder if the Obamas remember because it sure doesn't seem like it in this interview.

Especially when Barack says the following:

"For the last 17 months, I've been on the road 98 percent of the time."

Michelle responds, "His job is to be there when requested."

Oh, yeah, I know the sycophants are going to be out in full force, crying and whining that I cherry-picked the quotes.

You're damn right I did.

Sometimes, you have to cherry-pick because, if you don't, these little details, these little moments, slip right past you. So you're damn right I cherry-picked these quotes.

98 percent of the time, Barack Obama is away from his children. Go ahead, sycophants, talk about how he's at parent-teacher conferences and blah, blah, blah, and how that's better than those "boys".

It doesn't change the fact that he's seeing his children less than a day out of each month. Do the math. Tell me I'm wrong.

Tell me how it's better than not seeing your children at all. Tell me how Barack is so much better than those "boys".

Putting career advancement over your children. How's that better than those "boys"?


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