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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rush Limbaugh's Plan For Obama

You get more of me today, lucky kids.

This past weekend, one of the few remaining shows worth listening to on NPR, On The Media, had a writer from the New York Times on to talk about his piece on Limbaugh's newfound wealth, the $400 million that he'll be taking down over the next eight years.

Just as they got to Limbaugh's plan for combatting Obama, I had to step out of the car. It's supposed to be some plan that allows Limbaugh to remain untarnished by use of the word racist where it concerns the Fat Man.

As I was walking away, I remarked to the person with me that Limbaugh can't avoid being called a racist; he's already been labelled such and rightfully so. All one has to do is witness his Donovan McNabb statement a few years back.

But I also remarked that if Limbaugh really wanted to take Obama head-on, he could.

Of course, that would be admitting a lot of shit.

That would take him admitting that Obama got Limbaugh his $400 million contract and that's not something Limbaugh or the people signing his check are going to admit.

But I can guarantee you the conversation went like this:

"Shit! Obama's going to be the prez and probably for eight years. We gotta do something about it."

"See if Limbaugh interested in this."

[Shuffle of papers, $400 million figure written down, smiles all around]

An Obama puppetry, er, presidency has already paid dividends for Limbaugh. Like he has any animosity towards Barack, right?

It would also take Limbaugh to admit that Obama, just like Limbaugh himself and his friends and John McCain and damn near everyone in D.C., is an imperialist crony.

And, again, to maintain the illusion that there's any such thing as a difference between Democrats and Republicans (the imperialist shell game used to keep us spinning our wheels), Limbaugh's not going to say any such thing.

Limbaugh could also tell you that Obama is connected to some real scumbags like Zbignew Brzezinski and mortgage lenders that have tossed people out of their homes, he could tell you that he's bought and paid for by the very same corporations that McCain is.

But he can't do that.

Those very same corporations cut checks to Limbaugh himself. Those scumbags are friends with Limbaugh. Brzezinski and Limbaugh have only one difference; the spelling of their names.

Limbaugh has no plan except to continue the same bullshit that he's been spouting for years about how if you vote for Obama you're going to end up with chaos and misery and if you vote for McCain, you'll get prosperity and birds will be chirping in the blue sky.

Reality sheds a different light on the situation. Chaos and misery all around, regardless of who the next marionette is.

But then again, Limbaugh doesn't like reality.

In the real world, he could never earn $400 million.


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