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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Walmart Sure Knows How To Screw Its Employees

Walmart sure knows how to screw its employees. As if paying your employees shit wages and offering worthless "benefits" wasn't bad enough, Walmart has reached an all-time low!! They're stealing from a disabled former employee. I didn't know about this story until they aired it on CNN this morning. Still, it's disgusting and truly pathetic.

Helping the Shanks: Wal-Mart's Health Care Leaves One Family Desperate

When Missouri Wal-Mart employee Deborah Shank was left brain damaged after a tragic collision with a semi-trailer truck seven years ago, her Wal-Mart health care plan paid her initial medical bills. As it became evident that Deborah would need a lifetime of professional care for her debilitating condition, her family resorted to drastic measures to cover expenses. The Shanks successfully sued the trucking company responsible for the accident, and created a special trust to pay for Deborah's future, ongoing medical expenses.

Any hope of financial security for Deborah's care was crushed, however, when Wal-Mart sued the Shank family for $470,000 - the amount it paid in medical expenses, plus the company's legal expenses and attorney's fees. The retailer's demands will completely drain the settlement money from Deborah's trust and force her to rely on public assistance for her medical and living expenses.

As Wal-Mart publicly touts its new health care plan and pays big dollars for holiday public relations campaigns in attempts to bolster its bad reputation, this story once again exposes the company's poor business practices and total disregard for the health and welfare of its employees.

Wal-Mart Watch launched a fundraising drive to help support Mrs. Shank, and pledged to match all donated funds dollar-for-dollar. Click here to donate now. For more information on the story of Deborah Shank and Wal-Mart, read the Wall Street Journal article that brought the story to national attention last week and watch Jim and Chris Shank on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

The Shanks' story is a reminder this holiday season that Wal-Mart's low costs come with a very high price paid by American families like the Shanks every day.

Walmart fucking sucks!! How greedy can they be that they need to steal a settlement from a disabled woman? Give me a break!!

In another article about this story, a bitch who is a Walmart spokeswoman offers up the reason why Walmart sued this woman.

Sharon Weber, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, declined to discuss the details of the Shanks' case, but she said the company was obliged to act in the interest of the health benefits of its employees as a whole. "While the case involves a tragic situation, our responsibility is to follow the provisions of the (company health) plan which governs the health benefits of our associates," she said.

"Employers are trying to make sure these plans run as efficiently as possible," says Jay Kirschbaum, a senior vice president at global insurance broker Willis Group Holdings. "They also have a fiduciary duty to the plan and the entire group of employees that are covered by it."

Somehow I highly doubt that other Walmart employees are bitching that this woman got a settlement for her accident, and they're being screwed if she keeps it. I highly doubt that they're bitching about the "unfairness" of it all. This is purely Walmart lingo for WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYBODY. ALL WE GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IS SCREWING PEOPLE AND MAKING A BUCK!!

Here's a thought bitch!! Why don't you ask the owner of Walmart to pay for her medical care? After all, you profess to give a damn about your employees. So, instead of stealing this woman's money for her medical care, why doesn't Walmart pay for her medical care for life? Oh that's right!! YOU COULDN'T CARE LESS!!

I've always known that Walmart was evil, and this proves it!! That's why I don't shop there. I won't give Walmart a fucking penny. If Walmart was the last place on Earth that I could get a job at, I'd rather live on the streets homeless and starving than to work for this piece of shit company. FUCK YOU WALMART!! YOU'RE SICK, EVIL, WORTHLESS BASTARDS!!

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  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous The Devil Shops at Wal-Mart said…

    A lot of people will be hot and bothered when they first hear this. But then they will take the whole fam into a Wal Mart to buy a bunch of cheap cardboard furniture and drums of pretzels next weekend.

    Sure Wal Mart is a problem, but the bigger problem is the people who continue to shop there in spite of the damage it does.

    Wal Mart drives out product choice (since they sell very few variations of most items and put the little specialty shops out of business that offer more range).

    People don't realize that the growth of Wal Mart has reduced quality, selection, and innovation in a big way.

    Add to this the fact that local governments have to subsidize health care costs for all the employees who don't earn enough to care for themselves or their families. Uncle Sam (translation: you) are covering the "public insurance" plan of Wal-Mart. (And Wal-Mart says, THANKS for those billions!)

    Of course, people will forget all this the next time they get the uncontrollable urge to buy some cheap junk. Because if you want cheap junk and interaction with employees who have no reason to smile, Wal Mart's just the ticket.


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