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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Trashes Grandmother In Front Of The Whole World!!

What does Jeremiah Wright have on Obama? He has to have something because how else can you explain the fact that this man (and I use that term loosely) would rather trash his GRANDMOTHER on national television than kick his pastor to the curb!! She must be so fucking proud today!!

If you actually take the time to read reactions to his speech today, the stupidity of the commentors will blow your mind. That is of course if you haven't already been hoodwinked. They believe that his speech was amazing. It was so powerful. IT WAS SICKENING!!

Why can't he bring himself to call his pastor a racist? Why is it that he would rather treat his grandmother like shit than call his pastor a racist? He put his grandmother in the same category as this pig. By trashing his grandmother, he also spit on his dead mother!! How can anyone be proud of that? Barack Obama isn't a man. He's a pig just like his pastor. This is how he repays his grandmother for everything she has ever done for him? The whole world has seen his true colors today.

What I would really like to hear is his grandmother's side of the story. We don't even know that this is how she felt. Barack Obama has already been proven to be a liar, by his own admission. So, who is to say that this is not a lie too?

This is not just about race and racism. Obama has yet to denounce the fact that Wright thinks that this country deserved what it got on September 11th, regardless of who is to blame. Apparently Obama thinks the same!! This is not just about September 11th. This is about sexism. This is about bigotry. This is about everything!!

The only thing I find more disgusting than what he did to his grandmother today is the fact that these are the messages that he's sending to his children. The message is one of hatred for their heritage, and trying to win by any means necessary even if that means throwing your relatives under the fucking bus!!

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