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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Got A Violin Handy?

Jesus, you'd think the world fell in, listening to these politicians and their media mouthpieces cry over the fact that the administration investigated their passport information.

I seem to remember a whole slew (myself included) of people telling Democrats and Republicans NOT to allow the Bush thugs to get their hands on OUR personal information and each and every goddamn "major" candidate told us to fuck ourselves and allowed them to start and then continue to wiretap, surveil and record OUR phone conversations, look into OUR personal records, investigate the minutae of OUR lives and put OUR names on No-Fly lists as they deemed fit.

We were told that it was in the "defense" of the US. We were told that we had to give up some of OUR "freedoms" in order to be "safe" and basically told to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Thursday night, I listened to people such as Keith Olbermann go apeshit because Barack Obama's records had been searched and defiled and oh, the humanity of it all! Keith really has fallen for the okeydoke, hasn't he?

Then I sat and listened to the media mouthpieces cry that Hillary Clinton and John McCain had had the same treatment conducted towards them.

I have to tell you that I have laughed many times, long and loud, about this non-story.

Look, fuckheads, you knew you were handling snakes when you picked them up and told them to do whatever they wished with the American people. Did you really think that they weren't going to turn around and bite you?


Turns out that Barack Obama had more to do with the "investigations" than he or his media cronies let on.

Chief of firm involved in breach is Obama adviser


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