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Monday, February 18, 2008

More B-Rock Barry Bashing

Yep, it's me again and I've got some more shit to say about Barack Obama.

This time, I'm aided by a number of Wisconsin voters, with one Michigan voter.

Today, on Wisconsin Public Radio, listeners were asked to take part in a straw poll, basically an impromptu caucus.

45 of the callers said that they wanted Obama. I swear it was like listening to a repeat of the 2000 "election", in which Bush supporters, when asked why they were going to vote for Bush, said shit like they said today.

When asked why they wanted Obama, the following was said:

"Barack Obama is an unknown quantity...besides, Hillary's a woman and I can't vote for her." (George Santayana said, "Those who speak most of progress measure it by quantity and not by quality." Ain't that the truth. And, yea, Misogynists For Obama! Jesus, could you hand me some more ammunition?)

"He's unlike Bush." (I think I've proven this to be a little more complicated than it looks.)

"He's not Hillary." (The penis gave it away.)

"He's so far outside the political norm." (I think I've adequately shown this to be untrue.)

"He has electricity." (I have electricity, too. I can prove it by showing the stub of my latest bill.)

"He's articulate." (This has always bugged the fuck out me. It's as if they're saying that this is one of the few black people that can speak and ain't he great? This does a great disservice to African-Americans.)

"He's not for war." (Completely untrue. Proof of this comes from an October 2, 2002 speech in which Obama says, "I'm not opposed to all wars. I'm opposed to dumb wars." Did I take the Senator out of context? No, not really. He says it enough in this speech. Fun fact: I got that speech directly from one of the million Obama sites on the web. Maybe even the mothership, though, at this point, it's hard to tell which is his and which is one of the many cultists'. At least, this time, though, Barack used his own words.)

"He's not talkative, whereas Hillary screams all the time." (Wait! I thought he was articulate. Sooooo...I mean, how can he be so articulate if he's not talkative?)

"Hillary man-bashes." (So let me vote for a guy that I know nothing else about, other than he doesn't man-bash. Sure, that makes sense.)

"He has all the qualities that we want in a leader." (Name one? They didn't.)

"He will be picking the Supreme Court." (No. What he will be picking, maybe, possibly, is one, two, possibly three justices. He will not be picking the entire Supreme Court. And besides, he won't necessarily be picking them, anyway. His nominees have to receive Senate approval. Did we forget Congress? Sounds a bit like the Bush fans...again.)

"He brings excitement." (Excitement will get you only so far. Excitement is not policy. What are Obama's policies? Do his brain-washed sycophants even know what they are?)

"He brings hope." (Hope, again? You know, when Barack cries about Hillary Clinton and John McCain stealing from him, I have to accuse Barack Obama of stealing from Bill Clinton. Remember "The Man From Hope"? Thanks, Barack. You just recycled something you claim to be against. Bravo, doofus.)

"He has no baggage." (Jesus, are these people for real? His wife alone is enough baggage to last me an entire screed. But let's stick to Barry, shall we? I hope everyone knows about his baggage known as Tony Rezko. Then there's his real/fake/who knows? cocaine use. His smoking addiction and the money he's taken from the tobacco lobby. His connections to Zbigniew Brzezinski. His connections to Exelon Energy. Shall I go on? There is more and more coming out everyday as, little by little, people wake up about this rehash.)

I swear the next two callers actually called in and said the following.

One said, "He has a fresh thinking plan."

And another, later on, said they were voting for Obama because, "He has no detailed plans."

Only with a cult leader like Barack Obama could you have one sheep saying one thing and another saying the exact opposite.

"He's a uniter." (See 2000 Bush crap.)

"He frames things in optimistic tones." (This was one of my favorites because it just points out my whole argument that Obama is the biggest threat we have in this country. If he told these brain-dead drooling morons that, tomorrow, he was going to nuke their city, their state, the country or the entire planet, but not to worry because, after that, better days would be coming, they'd probably go apeshit with the applause and ask where they could sign up to be closer to the blast.)

"He makes things happen." (So far as I can tell, he doesn't make much happen without the support of other Senators, to say nothing of the House. About the only thing that he makes happen on his own are his bowel movements and the jury is out on that one, too.)

"Hillary has started the gender war." (Huh?)

And finally...

"He's the candidate of destiny." (That sounds like it should be in all caps. THE CANDIDATE OF DESTINY! If I'm not mistaken, this is a character from next season's Heroes.)

It was a good day, despite the number of brain-washed callers, because at least I got a good laugh out of these sheeple.


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