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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shall I Amend My Previous Post?

Sure, why not?

The biggest threat we've got just got bigger.

It's not just Obama and his belief that he's the second coming. It's Hillary Clinton and her belief that she's untouchable, too.


Obama and Clinton now have "truth squads" which will be roaming your state if you're one of the Super Tuesday participants.

This comes from my local newspaper and it includes some highlights, such as:

"Nick Kimball, Obama's Minnesota spokesman, said the squad's response to a negative attack will vary depending on the situation but might be something like a news release to debunk bad information.

"'This sends a notice that if these false negative attacks we have seen, if any of that comes to Minnesota, we do stand ready and prepared to respond forcefully and quickly,' Kimball said. 'In the age of the Internet, rumors and innuendo spread very quickly.'

"The campaign will introduce other Truth Squads in most of the 22 states caucusing on Super Tuesday.

"Chief rival for the Democratic nomination Sen. Hillary Clinton posted a news release to her campaign site Monday announcing similar teams of 'Rapid Responders' in all Super Tuesday states made up of elected officials and community leaders who will 'track distortions of Hillary's record and answer quickly'."

Does anyone see what I'm leaning towards by reporting this? Does anyone get what I'm hinting at? Does anyone see an armband with a swastika in the middle of it? Does anyone see Kenya-like results from this kind of bullshit? Does anyone else think of Egypt or Burma or Saudi Arabia, where opposition is crushed simply because opposition cannot be tolerated?

Since there are elected officials on these "truth squads", which sounds like something that Orwell could have only had a wet dream about, what's to stop them from raising someone's property taxes based on how they think or feel? What's to stop them from ordering police to conduct "routine traffic stops" or issue tickets simply for being on the other side?

Do you understand what I'm saying, people?

This is not alarmist. This is reality. All it takes is for one of these schmucks to decide that they're going to go over the edge and send a message so that no one forgets not to fuck with them.

And I can see this Nick Kimball asshole going right over that edge. He says as much when he says that his squad will "respond forcefully" and that the response "will vary depending on the situation".

A brick through someone's window, a harassing phone call. Just a step away from burning a cross in someone's yard, isn't it? Not too far from invading someone's home and arresting them in the middle of the night and then putting them on a train somewhere, isn't it?

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen. This is going to get very ugly, very fast. I'm trying to stop it before it does by making you aware of the crap that we're about to be fed.

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