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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ridge Says Waterboarding Is Torture

This, my friend, is why you're no longer the Director of Homeland Security. You don't read the Republican talking points. You don't repeat them ad nauseam!!

Ridge: ‘No doubt…waterboarding is torture.’

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge told the AP in an interview, “There’s just no doubt in my mind — under any set of rules — waterboarding is torture.” He added, “I believe, unlike others in the administration, that waterboarding was, is — and will always be — torture. That’s a simple statement.” In a separate interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, the current Homeland Security secretary, Michael Chertoff, refused to say what he thinks of the interrogation technique.

For the millionth time, waterboarding is torture!! If you use waterboarding, you're committing acts of torture. For those who think it's not torture, I suggest that you volunteer to be schooled in waterboarding. Perhaps when you've spent a little time thinking you're going to drown, you may change your mind. Perhaps when you're having your "Come to Jesus" moment, you might think twice before you ever suggest that waterboarding be used on anyone else!!

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