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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pro-Lifers Should Be Committed!!

In what I can only describe as completely INSANE, a pro-life group in Wisconsin decided to mail plastic fetuses to residents in Racine. They didn't just send it to a few people. They sent it to 44,000 people!!

Right To Life Group Sends Plastic Fetus In Mail

RACINE, Wis. -- A right to life group in Racine is under fire after mailing controversial material to 44,000 people.

It included an informational letter, a fundraising envelope and a small plastic fetus.

Mystical Listrom said she was not happy with what she found inside when she opened a letter from Wisconsin Right to Life accompanied by a plastic fetus.

"It's my right to choose to do what I want with my body. I shouldn't have people telling me what I can and can't do with my body," Listrom said.

Her neighbor, Glenda Pollock, got the same package.

"If they had sent a letter explaining why they think abortion should not be allowed, I wouldn't have a problem with that. It was the plastic fetus that bothered me," Pollock said.

"We thought it would be appropriate to send out some information to get people talking about the subject," said Dave Obernberger of Wisconsin Right to Life.

Dave and Bonnie Obernberger, with the Racine County chapter of Wisconsin Right to Life, are the people behind the mailing.

They said the plastic figure represents an 11- or 12-week fetus.

They sent it out this week to mark the 35-year anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

"I pray that they'll look at it a little more than being offended by it, but being educated by it," Dave Obernberger said.

The Obernbergers said they have already gotten some response, and they expect more.

Pollock wasted no time having her voice heard. She brought the package to the post office and mailed it back.

"I had to pay to have it returned because it was a non-profit mailing, which I was happy to pay. It was just over $1 and it was well worth it," Pollock said.

Pollock filed a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service; however, it doesn't appear to be illegal.

Postal officials said it doesn't fit their standards of obscene or lewd, but they said people can fill out a form that would prevent them from getting mail from Wisconsin Right to Life in the future.

The mailers were sent to every home in Racine and to some of the surrounding suburbs.

So not only did they send a plastic fetus in the mail to 44,000 people, but they had the audacity to send a "fundraising envelope" too!! Gee, could that be because they spent all of their fucking money on this shit? Nah, couldn't be!!

These psychotic people actually hope that people won't be offended by it. Really? If people aren't supposed to be offended by a plastic fetus and a donation envelope being sent to them in the mail, I would like to make a suggestion. I would suggest that 44,000 people send the Obernbergers CONDOMS along with information on how to use them. Let's see if they're offended when 44,000 packages arrive in their mailbox containing things that they don't agree with. Along with the condoms, people should enclose pictures of dead women from around the world who were denied access to a safe and legal abortion if they can get their hands on the pictures. Will that offend them? Perhaps they should look beyond the offensive nature of the mailing and educate themselves!!

I love the suggestion that the Post Office has. Filling out a form will not prevent these psychos from sending people mail. They will just change their name so that they can bypass the mail blockage.

I'm going to send these pyschos some condoms. The Post Office can't consider them lewd or obscene because condoms are shipped all the time through the mail. Who would like to join me? Their address is below:

Wisconsin Right to Life
Racine County
P.O. Box 085611
Racine, WI 53408-5611

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    Sorry it took a little while to respond to comments. I've been swamped with work!!

    By all means, please put that on your site!!

  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

    I've posted this topic at Let's Talk God i hope you like it.

    I did go in and add a photo of a fetus and took out two words from:

    "could that be because they spent all of their fucking money on this shit? Nah, couldn't be!!"

    "could that be because they spent all of their money on this? Nah, couldn't be!!"

  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

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