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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mental Illness Is No Laughing Matter

Mental illness is no laughing matter. Nor is it material for a railroading on NATIONAL TELEVISION!! But that's exactly what Dr. Phil is attempting to do to Britney Spears.

Yes, I know what everyone is going to say. Who cares!! Up until the stunt that Dr. Phil reportedly pulled, I was in the "who cares" camp. To be honest, I could've cared less if Britney Spears had a nervous breakdown, was on drugs, using alcohol, or whatever the case was when she was taken to the hospital last Thursday night. But when I read the shit that Dr. Phil tried to pull and is trying to pull, I felt the need to blog!!

First of all, she hasn't been diagnosed!! From the looks of it, I would agree with those out there that have said she's Bipolar. But, the fact remains that she HASN'T BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH ANYTHING!!

Second of all, Dr. Phil had no business walking into the hospital and trying to have an "intervention" with Britney. Sure, her dad supposedly called him and asked him to come. But, Britney (the patient) didn't!! She didn't even know he was coming. If Dr. Phil knew anything about mental illness he would realize that you don't corner the person. You don't attempt to railroad them into anything. The hospital should be held accountable for allowing this jackass into the hospital in the first place. Also, he should have his medical license revoked!!

Clearly there is something wrong with her. But it is obvious that she's not going to accept any help right now. It's even more obvious that she's not going to accept help from an ass like Dr. Phil. Who can blame her? I can't!! If I had a mental health problem, the last person I would seek help from is a television talk show host. Forgive me if I'd rather get help from a doctor in a hospital!! At least I'd know that the help I was receiving wasn't being done for the cameras, the television ratings, and the MONEY!!

As I said earlier, mental illness is no laughing matter. As much as I could care less about Britney Spears, she needs help. She doesn't need a television quack attempting to railroad her on national television. She needs an intervention in the form of medical treatment in a hospital by a REAL doctor.

For more information on Bipolar Disorder and other mental health issues, check out the National Institute Of Mental Health website. You may learn something!!

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