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Friday, December 28, 2007

"Al-Qaeda" Claims Responsibility

Supposedly, Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for Bhutto's assassination.

First of all, Al-Qaeda can claim whatever they want. It doesn't make it so. They could claim responsibility for JFK's assassination. It still wouldn't make it so. They could claim responsibility for the sun rising and setting. IT DOESN'T MAKE IT SO!!

Think about it!! What does Al-Qaeda have to gain with Bhutto being dead? In all honesty, nothing!! In the grand scheme of things, it's really not a big deal to them if a woman who vowed to fight the terrorists is dead. Despite what the news media is telling you, Al-Qaeda DIDN'T have the most to gain with her assassination. I'll tell you who did though, Musharraf!! Musharraf has everything to gain with her being dead, and nothing to lose!! She was the obstacle in his way to maintaining his dictatorship. She was a thorn in his side. She was the only one who could beat him. Because of that, she was eliminated. Now, there's nothing standing in his way.

I'm not saying that he did it, but I do have my opinions. Let's say for a second that he didn't. Even if he didn't order her assassination, he let it happen. He made it easy for someone to kill her. He didn't provide her the security that she was entitled to. Thus, he's just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger!!

Ponder this thought for a moment. When has Al-Qaeda ever been known to shoot someone? Of all the stories about Al-Qaeda that have been shoved down our throats in the past few years, what have you heard? Al-Qaeda beheads people. They use swords. They use boxcutters. They don't shoot people!! So why in the hell would they change their tactics simply to assassinate this woman? They wouldn't. Whoever killed her shot her. Then they blew themselves up. Ask yourself why that is. Why wouldn't they stick around to brag that they were responsible for her assassination? Why wouldn't they want to "bask in their glory"? They blew themselves up for a reason. That reason is because they can't tie this person to anyone now because the person isn't alive to spill the beans!!

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  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Tom Harper said…

    It's too bad we've gotten to the point where everything is Bush's fault, but that's where we are. I think Bhutto was "in the way" of our neocon administration's agenda, whatever that is. It was easy to eliminate her and then dust off the old Al Qaeda scapegoat, as always.

    Who Hijacked Our Country

  • At 3:11 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    So true, so true!!

    She wouldn't play by our rules or Musharraf's rules. She was a thorn in his side. She was the only one who could defeat his ass. She had the cajones to stand up to him, and defy him even when faced with threats. So, she was eliminated!!

    I would ask if these people ever get tired of using Al-Qaeda for a scapegoat, but I already know the answer to that one.

    On a side note, isn't it interesting how the cause of death keeps changing? Let's recap what happened, shall we?

    1) She was at the rally when the bomb went off but wasn't injured.

    2) She was injured, but not seriously and was expected to make it.

    3) She was injured gravely and died.

    4) She was blown up.

    5) She was shot.

    6) She was blown up and then shot.

    7) She was shot and then blown up.

    8) She was shot in the neck and chest.

    9) She was hit in the head with pieces of shrapnel from the bomb and died.

    10) The bullets and shrapnel missed her, but she fell back and hit her head on the sunroof after the bomb went off. The hit on the head caused a skull fracture and she died.

    Finally the truth comes out from her aide who helped bathe her body in preparation for burial. SHE WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD!!

    It amazes me that the media and these governments actually think that people are stupid. We know what really happened, and we know why it happened. It wasn't Al-Qaeda, or the big bad boogey Bin Laden who murdered her.


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