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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sign Up For Your CIA Sponsored "Swimming Lesson"

People are pathetic and completely asinine. During a discussion about waterboarding on CNN, right-wing lunatic Rachel Marsden said “One man’s torture is another man’s CIA’s sponsored swim lesson.”

Conservative dismisses waterboarding as a "swim lesson"

On Wednesday night on CNN’s The Situation Room, conservative columnist and “Republican strategist” Rachel Marsden dismissed worries over Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s refusal to say waterboarding is torture, saying “One man’s torture is another man’s CIA’s sponsored swim lesson.”

As Steve Benen notes, earlier in the interview, Marsden claimed that history would look kindly on President Bush in the same way it had vindicated Joseph McCarthy.

First of all, McCarthy was NEVER vindicated except for maybe in Rachel Marsden's deluded pea-sized brain. Second of all, history is not going to "look kindly" upon the Boy King. He will be labeled for what he truly is, A MURDERER AND THE NUMBER ONE TERRORIST IN THE WORLD.

But while we're on the subject of torture, Rachel Marsden should sign up for her "CIA sponsored 'swimming lesson'". If she survives choking on all of that water, I want to hear her declare that waterboarding is not torture!!

What a stupid, psychotic BITCH!!

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