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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anti-War Statement? Hardly!!

This morning I was flipping the channels on the television before I had to go to work. I stopped on MSNBC when they were playing a clip of the Lt. Governor from California speaking. What he basically said was that instead of George Bush coming out to California to visit, he should help California bring their National Guard troops home to help. Joe Scarborough said that the Lt. Governor was making a blatant anti-war statement.

Excuse me? Anti-war statement? For fuck sack, the southern part of California is a fucking inferno!! How is he making an anti-war statement by asking that the National Guard be brought home to help? I thought helping during natural disasters was part of their job!! How is he making an anti-war statement by asking for help in stopping this fucking inferno?

Perhaps Joe "Jackass" Scarborough would like to volunteer his ass on the front lines of this inferno. Nah, he can't be bothered!! He can't get his manicured hands dirty. He might chip a nail!!

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