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Friday, September 21, 2007

The KKK, Neo-Nazi Groups, And The Jena 6

I knew that this was coming.

Be warned!! It's disgusting!!

Jena Rally Sparks White Supremacist Rage, Lynching Threat

As tens of thousands of people were preparing to make their way to Jena, La., for today’s anti-racism rally, white supremacists were burning up the Internet with furious denunciations, bloody predictions, promises of future violence, and calls for lynching.

“The best crowd control for such a situation would be a squad of men armed with full automatics and preferably a machine gun as well,” is how one person put it on the Web forum hosted by the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network. Added another hopeful VNN poster: “I’m not really that angry at the nogs [a recent variation on an ancient racial slur] — they are just soldiers in an undeclared race war. But any white that’s in that support rally I would like to … have them machine-gunned.”

As the rally began to unfold this morning, it became clear that it would attract huge numbers of people, perhaps even the 40,000 that some organizers had predicted. They came to protest the case of the “Jena 6,” black youths who were charged with serious crimes for an attack on a white youth not long after white teens who had targeted blacks were let off with a slap on the wrist. White supremacists reacted with a strange mixture of anger and admiration for the organizing behind the rally.

But the dominant response was violent rage. “I think a group of White men with AK rifles loaded with high capacity magazines should close in on the troop of howler monkeys from all sides and compress them into a tight group, and then White men in the buildings on both sides of the shitskinned hominids shall throw Molotov cocktails from above to cleanse the nigs by fire,” wrote “NS Cat” on VNN. Another poster fantasized about a terrorist attack in Jena today: “Wouldn’t that be sweet? Gosh darn, wouldn’t that be sweet? Good LORD wouldn’t THAT be SWeeeeEET? Boom, Boom, no more Coon! Well? A White man can dream can’t he?”

“If these blacks want a race war,” added a poster on Stormfront, another white supremacist Web forum, “they will get one. Bring it on.”

In Roanoke, Va., an especially virulent purveyor of race hate, neo-Nazi Bill White, this afternoon posted the home addresses and phone numbers of five of the six black youths who make up the Jena 6 under this headline: “Addresses of Jena 6 Niggers: In Case Anyone Wants to Deliver Justice.” White previously posted the home addresses of Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen and SPLC cooperating attorney James Boren.

White, the leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, suggests that readers “get in touch and let them know justice is coming.” Another White posting on the matter doesn’t hold anything at all back: “Lynch the Jena 6.”

Robert Moore (right), a well-known neo-Nazi leader from Baton Rouge, La., apparently abandoned plans he had discussed on Stormfront Wednesday to protest the Jena rally, possibly while carrying guns. Instead, he wrote later, “If they DO start rioting and looting and burning and raze the town to the ground, White Pride Construction will be there the next day to help them rebuild.” In fact, Moore’s company, started in 2005, has done a great deal of post-Katrina rebuilding on the Gulf Coast — a truly remarkable thing, given that its name includes a widely known racist slogan.

These pigs are threatening to murder these kids, and it's like nobody gives a damn. It's so utterly disgusting!! The only news station that I heard talking about this was CNN.

In case you're wondering what the response was from Jena authorities, I've got the answer. When asked if they would be providing these kids and their families with protection due to the threats from the KKK and neo-Nazi groups, guess what the answer was!! NO!! They claim that they don't have the manpower, and besides, it doesn't warrant protection. Hmm, any "sheets" in the Jena police department? Nah!! Couldn't be!!

I'll be talking about this story and others relating to the Jena 6 tomorrow. For tonight, I will end with the hope that someone offers up protection to these kids, their families, and their friends. Their lives are being threatened, and nobody wants to do a damn thing about it. Nation of Islam, are you out there? Al Sharpton, are you out there? Jesse Jackson, are you out there? Someone, get these people some bodyguards!! Get these people some security!! And someone please lock these MOTHERFUCKING RACIST PIGS FROM THE KLAN AND NEO-NAZI GROUPS UP FOR TERRORISM!! Let's start calling these pigs what they truly are!! They're terrorists, and they deserve to rot in a cell for threatening to lynch these kids!!

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  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Tom Harper said…

    It's like a trip back in time. It's 1963 again.

    Who Hijacked Our Country

  • At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let me get this straight. You want the "6" to be released even thought they beat up a kid because of the color of his skin that had no involvement with the "noose incident" three months earlier but you want the "neo-nazi's" locked up for posting comments (as sick as they are) on a website??? Sure that sounds like it would be fair and just.

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    Did your mommy iron your sheet for you Anonymous?

    First of all, learn to read!! I know that it's difficult for the Klan to do that. But at least try!! You may learn something!! Nowhere did I ever say that the Jena Six should be released or go unpunished. NOWHERE!! But while we're on the subject of it, five of the six are out on bail. The other one is in jail despite the fact that his bail was set at $90,000 and his convictions were overturned. Fair? I don't think so!!

    Did you know that the victim was expelled from school for bringing a gun there? Hmm, I wonder what he was going to use that for!! Gee, maybe a little "payback" for being roughed up by black kids? Nah, couldn't be because you see white boys can do no wrong!!

    I personally love how you casually refer to the "noose incident" as just a "noose incident". Perhaps maybe like the jackasses who hung them, you have absolutely no idea what the symbolism is behind a noose. Do you also want to claim ignorance when you know damn well what it means? It wasn't just a "noose incident". It was a threat directed at black students because they dared to sit under the so-called "white" tree.

    What I said if you actually took the time to read it was that the Klan and the neo-nazi's should be locked up for threatening to lynch these six teens. What the Klan and the neo-nazi's did is called a crime. It is called terrorism. Or does that label only apply to Muslims and Arabs in this ass-backward country?

    You and everyone else knows damn well that there is major racism in this country. You know damn well that the justice system treats people harshly if they're not white. You know damn well that these teenagers didn't deserve attempted murder charges. You know damn well that these teenagers don't deserve to sit in prison for 20 to 30 years. And you know damn well that if this had been six white boys who beat up a black kid, they would be charged in juvenile court with battery or they wouldn't be charged at all.

    These teens deserve protection, and the fact that the city refuses to provide it to them despite the fact that their lives have been threatened is disgusting. But then again, what do we expect from a city where people think that nothing is wrong?


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