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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arrest Warrant Issued For Nun

An arrest warrant has been issued for a nun who has been charged for having sex with former students back in the 1960's when she was the principal of St. Patrick's school in Milwaukee, WI.

Milwaukee Nun, 79, Charged With Having Sexual Contact With Two Boys

MILWAUKEE — A bench warrant has been issued for a 79-year-old nun charged with inappropriate behavior after she failed to appear at a hearing.

Norma Giannini is charged with two counts of indecent behavior with a child stemming from incidents involving boys at a school where she had been principal.

Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Paul Tiffin said Monday the warrant was issued after Giannini failed to appear at a hearing Friday.

She was charged last December and accused of having repeated sexual contact during the 1960s with some students who attended St. Patrick's School in Milwaukee.

Sheila King, with the Chicago region of the Sisters of Mercy, said Giannini hadn't realized she was required to attend the hearing last week.

Why am I not surprised by this story? Oh yeah, that's right!! I'm not surprised because we hear this kind of shit coming out on a weekly, if not daily basis!! The Catholic Church has the audacity to demand that other people deal with their own issues. Yet, the Catholic Church can't do the same!! What's going to come out next?

She was charged in December for having sex with these students. These are serious charges. I can't believe that she honestly thought she didn't have to attend a hearing on the matter.

Don't worry though!! I'm sure the Catholic Church will defend her, and heap the blame on the victims. What this nun did was called RAPE. It's as simple as that. These were students. These were children. They were not in a position to consent to having sex with this woman. She raped them, and hopefully the judge and jury will throw the book at her. She may be 79 years old. But she deserves to spend the rest of her pathetic life behind bars. Well, that is if they can actually find her. Knowing how these situations have played out in the past, she's probably basking in the sunlight on a beach in Mexico or somewhere else that she's been shipped off to. They say Italy is beautiful this time of year. Perhaps she's on an "extended visit" to the Vatican!!

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