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Friday, September 21, 2007

What Kind Of Mom Is Michelle Malkin?

Michelle Malkin may be a bitch, but bitch doesn't even begin to describe her!! As if this attention-seeking media whore hasn't spewed enough hate to last a lifetime, she has decided to personally attack Sally Field.

Malkin: Sally Field Is The Type Of Mom Who ‘Buys Her Teenager Beer And Condoms On Prom Night’

Since actress Sally Field won an Emmy and spoke out against the Iraq war in her acceptance speech, the right wing has been on the attack. In addition to Fox censoring her speech, conservatives continue to criticize Field for speaking out.

Taking the slander to a very personal level, right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin attacked Field’s parenting skills with a column in the National Review entitled “Sally Field Does Not Speak For Me.” In it, she writes:

Sally Field is the mom who looks the other way when the brat on the elementary-school slide pushes your son to the ground or throws dirt in your daughter’s face.

She’s the mom who holds her tongue at the mall when thugs spew profanities and make crude gestures in front of her brood.

She’s the mom who tells her child never to point out when a teacher gets her facts wrong.

She’s the mom who buys her teenager beer, condoms, and a hotel room on prom night, because she’d rather give in than assert her parental authority and do battle.

Fox and Friends hosted Malkin this morning to promote her hate-filled column. On the show, Malkin — a mother herself — posited her theory of parenting: “motherhood should bring a ferocity, and dare I say, make us more violent.”

Fox was overjoyed to have Malkin on the air. Co-host Gretchen Carlson said Malkin’s “best line in the article” was about the condoms and beer. Malkin responded, “as a Mom, I know, I’ve dealt with moms like [Fields], who look the other way.”

After a few more exchanges of laughter and contempt, co-host Steve Doocy closed the segment stating, “Hollywood probably thinks you are dangerous and offensive.” So do many others.

So, the media whore wants to play the "what kind of mother is..." game? Well, let's play the WHAT KIND OF MOTHER IS MICHELLE "MEDIA WHORE" MALKIN GAME!!

***Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin is the kind of mother who would participate in the fight if her children were pushed to the ground on the playground or had dirt thrown in their faces. She'd have no qualms about beating the shit of the kid who did it, even if that meant beating the shit of the kid herself.***

***Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin is the kind of mother who would teach her children to lie their asses off in a classroom despite the fact that THEY ARE WRONG, and to proclaim that the teacher is a "moonbat, terrorist-loving, communist, socialist, psychotic, death-to-america preaching, gay, dangerous LIBERAL when the teacher presents the TRUTH.***

***Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin is the kind of mother who would teach her children to hate people because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or their religion (the Muslims anyhow) because they're bad, evil people who have no place in society.***

***Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin is the kind of mother whose children will still be sucking their thumbs, wearing diapers, and living at home when they're 50 because she will never let them be exposed to the reality that is LIFE!!***

Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin can spew whatever nasty, disgusting crap that she wants. She has that right to free speech. So does Sally Field. But the FUCK YOU FOX CHANNEL chose to thwart her right.

Put your fucking money where your nasty-ass mouth is Michelle!! March your ass over to the nearest recruiting station, and sign your ass up to join the military. While you're there, request to be sent to Iraq. Then see where your hate speech gets you!!

Silly me!! This media whore would never volunteer to fight an immoral, unethical, murderous WAR!! She's too busy coming up with her latest hate speech to be bothered with getting her hands dirty. After all, we're just MURDERING INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO US. Why should she worry her ugly little head about such a trivial thing like that?

Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin deserves to have her ass beat by Sally Field. However, Sally Field is a REAL WOMAN who has class and respect for others, two things that Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin will NEVER EVER have!! Sally Field would never waste her time on a piece of trash like Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin.

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  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    Are you referring to Michelle "Media Whore" Malkin or Sally Field?

    If you're referring to the media whore, good grief. We don't need more people like her. She's an evil, disgusting excuse for a human being.

    She doesn't speak for ME or anyone else for that matter.

    If she had any balls to back up the vile, hate-filled shit that comes spewing out of her mouth on a second-by-second basis, she would march her ass down to the nearest recruiting office. She would enlist, and demand to be sent to the front lines of the War on "Terra" in Iraq. She would get her hands dirty. Oh wait, she might chip a nail!!


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