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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Insanity Strikes England Again

Just when you think that people in this world couldn't get more insane, a suggestion like this is made.

Civil liberties groups are warning that the details of every Briton could soon be on the national DNA database, raising fresh concerns of a 'surveillance society'. Controversial plans being studied by the government would see the DNA of people convicted of even the most minor, non-imprisonable offences, such as dropping litter, entered on the national database.

How insane are they? They want to seriously take the DNA of a litter bug or a speeder and place it in a DNA database? Give me a break!! What's next? Getting arrested for not flushing the toilet in your own home? How about being put in the DNA database for looking at someone the wrong way? I know!! If you flip the bird, you're in the DNA database for life. After all, it's obscene and England can't have that!!

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