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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SC Calls It A "Compromise." Women Shouldn't Have To "Compromise."

The state Senate in South Carolina passed what they called a "compromise" bill on the ultrasound/abortion issue.

Women shouldn't have to compromise their rights to an abortion. They shouldn't be forced to have an ultrasound done before having an abortion. They shouldn't be forced to view the ultrasound images. It is our right to have an abortion, and anyone that tries to derail that right is SICK!!

Women seeking an abortion in South Carolina would be able, but not required, to view an ultrasound first under a compromise bill that received approval Wednesday in the state Senate.

The compromise, passed on a voice vote without debate, would also require women to reflect on the image they saw. It meant to maximize the time between a woman seeing her ultrasound, if she chooses, and her scheduled abortion.

"The point is to have a period of reflection," said Republican Sen. Mike Fair, a sponsor of the measure. "This is as good as we could do, and we think it's reasonable."

What is "reasonable" here is for all these pro-lifers to shut the hell up. They need to stop telling someone else what they can do. It's not their business. I'm also really fed up with men thinking that they have a right to tell women what they can do. A woman doesn't need a "reflection" period before having an abortion. They don't need to "reflect" upon the ultrasound image. How many more days are they intending to add to the waiting period before a woman can have an abortion? Oh I know, 9 months. That way, a woman can't have an abortion because she'll be ready to give birth.

I'm sick and tired of this so-called PRO-LIFE crap. Go get fucked, and stay the hell out of our business!!

As the great George Carlin said, "If you're pre-born, you're fine. If you're preschool, you're fucked!!"

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