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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Religious Insanity Strikes Again!!

A two-month old baby girl in Texas was microwaved by her father on May 10th. She survived the microwaving, and her father has been arrested.

The part of the story that I just don't understand, and probably never will has to do with the mother. The mother blames the DEVIL. Yep, that's right!! The Devil. You see according to her, "The Devil disapproved of his efforts to become a preacher."

Jesus Christ, when will these insane religious people get a clue? Rather than blame her husband for what he did, she'd prefer to blame the Devil. CALLING ALL MEN IN WHITE COATS!! CALLING ALL MEN IN WHITE COATS!! THIS WOMAN IS IN NEED OF A STRAIGHT JACKET AND A PADDED ROOM IN THE PSYCH WARD!! It must be nice to tune out from reality, and just blame someone or something that doesn't exist.

The mother says that she is "hoping to be reunited with her daughter." However, the most encouraging part of the story is that Child Protective Services is seeking to have all parental rights terminated. Who can blame them? On the one hand you have the father who microwaved his child. On the other hand, you have the mother who is delusional by believing that the DEVIL did it. How could anyone in their right mind place this child back into the custody of either of these people? I'm ecstatic that CPS has decided to seek the termination of parental rights of both of these people who are clearly insane!!

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  • At 4:43 PM, Blogger LET'S TALK said…

    Remember, we are talking about Texas, which seems to be just like Florida when it comes to these type things.


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