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Friday, December 22, 2006

Rice Says U.S. "Investments" Worth It In Iraq War

Condoleezza Rice said that the U.S. "investment" in the Iraq War is worthwhile. What investment is that? Why, it's the investment of U.S. lives.

Tell that to the families and friends of the 2,962 "investments." Tell them that their "investment" was worth it. This bitch has absolutely ZERO respect for the lives of U.S. soldiers. If you think otherwise, think again. When this bitch refers to dead soldiers as investments, that's not respect. That's called being a disgusting disgrace for a human being. That's called being the scum of the earth.

My suggestion to Rice is simple. Shut your damn mouth unless you're willing to offer yourself up as an "investment" in the Furor's illegal, idiotic, murderous, bigoted, racist war on terror. Or go back to doing the only thing that you were good at which was buying shoes when thousands of your fellow citizens on the Gulf Coast were dying in a hurricane.

Oops, was that too harsh? TOO DAMN BAD!!!!! She deserves to be sitting in the Hague and tried for crimes against humanity among other criminal offenses, right alongside her other murderous cohorts!! Instead, she's spouting her mouth off about U.S. "investments." Merry Christmas America!! You're nothing more than an "investment" to these criminals. Merry Christmas!!


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