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Friday, December 22, 2006

VA Head Says Draft Would Benefit Society, Then Retracts Statement

Don't be alarmed people. This is typical. The VA head said that "society would benefit" if the country brought back the military draft." But then he later claimed that his comments were "misconstrued," and he didn't support bringing back the draft.

Yes, this is typical Bush-speak. Someone makes a statement, and later declares that his or her comments were taken out of context or it simply wasn't what her or she said. They say one thing, have their asses handed to them for saying it, and then deny it was ever said. I just want to know one thing. When are people ever going to own up to what they say?

If he thinks that the draft would benefit society, may I make a suggestion? Sign up Jenna and Barbara first!! Unless he or Bush is willing to do that, shut the hell up about the draft!! Nobody's going!!


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