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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Confused Or Just Stupid?

I came across this story today.

Read the story, and then read the last line of the story.

Catholics defend 'gay issues' teaching
Last Updated: 2:13am GMT 12/12/2006

Roman Catholic school leaders yesterday defended the way they teach children about homosexuality, rejecting calls to introduce policies against homophobic bullying.

Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham and head of the Catholic Education Service, said classroom teaching must not be a "morally neutral" zone on issues like homosexuality.

He told MPs that the Catholic Church makes a strict distinction between a person's private sexual orientation and their behaviour, stressing: "Sexual intercourse belongs within marriage."

The archbishop outlined his views in evidence to the Commons education committee, which is investigating citizenship education in schools.

Ministers want all schools to develop separate policies on tackling homophobic bullying and headteachers are legally required to have general anti-bullying policies. But Archbishop Nichols said Catholic schools did not think it was necessary for specific measures to address bullying targeted at children who were lesbian or gay.

"If you begin to pick out particular sections then the list of special policies is going to get very long and there probably would not be too much room on the walls to accommodate it," he said.

A robust general policy to tackle all forms of bullying was the best approach.

MPs on the committee asked him whether the Catholic schools would help foster community relations given this stance on issues such as homosexuality.

The archbishop said: "The Catholic Church makes a very clear distinction between the orientation of the person and their sexual behaviour.

"The Catholic Church would stand very firmly for the equal dignity and rights of a person no matter what their sexual orientation."

So, let's recap the Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality. The Catholic Church believes it's a sin to be gay. Then they said that you're not a sinner if you're gay unless you act upon your feelings. If you're gay, they encourage you not to share that with anyone outside of a close circle of friends/family in the Church. I'd assume that if you're gay you can't have communion because then that would mean that they support gay people. The Catholic Church doesn't believe in the right of gay people to get married. The Catholic Church also doesn't believe in the right of gay people to adopt children.

Now the Catholic Church says, "The Catholic Church would stand very firmly for the equal dignity and rights of a person no matter what their sexual orientation." Which is it? Either you're against gay people having equal rights, or you think that gay people should have the same rights that heterosexual people have. You can't have it both ways. You can't say that you're for equality, but then turn around and say that gay people shouldn't be allowed to do this or that.

The way I see it, they're one of three things or all of the above.

1)They're confused about their own stance on gay people and homosexuality.
2)They're stupid and ignorant.
3)They're just saying whatever they think will appease people, but they aren't sincere.

Perhaps the Catholic Church has different policies for every country in the world. Whatever!! I'll say they're a combination of all of the above. I would say number two but then that would just be mean, and I don't want to be accused of being mean to Catholics. I don't want to be accused of bashing the Catholic Church. That would be bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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