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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Throw A Party!! The Smirking Chimp Says We're Winning In Iraq!!

Did you hear the news? Huh, did you hear it? The Smirking Chimp says we're winning in Iraq!! It must be so!! He wouldn't lie to us. Nah, never!!

What exactly is it that we're winning Mr. Chimp? And how do you define winning Mr. Chimp? Is it winning if we have 96 dead U.S. soldiers in the month of October alone? Is it winning if you've killed 650,000+ civilians in Iraq? We know damn well that it's not 30,000 or whatever number it is that you're claiming.

The following are a few interesting quotes from the Chimp's mouth:

"We are pressing Iraq's leaders to take bold measures to save their country. We're making it clear that America's patience is not unlimited," Bush said.

Bush called Maliki "the right man" to lead Iraq but emphasized "we'll push him," warning that US support would last "so long as he continues to make tough decisions."

"We've got patience, but not unlimited patience," he said.

America's patience isn't unlimited? How about the patience of the Iraqi people Mr. Chimp? Don't you think that they're fucking tired of America occupying THEIR country? Don't you think that they're tired of having to bury THEIR dead because the American military is so fucking trigger happy that they don't give a shit who the hell they kill or why? Don't you think that they're tired of having to bow down to a leader of YOUR choosing?

And our support will last as long as he continues to make tough decisions? No, more like as long as he continues to be your lap dog and lick your balls!! If he stops or steps out of line, is he going to end up at Gitmo? Or is he going to end up like Hussein?


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