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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prejean Threatens To Sue

Just when you thought her 15 minutes were up, Prejean just can't shut up!!

Carrie Prejean -- Clear My Name or I'll Sue

Carrie Prejean says she means business. She's giving the Miss California USA team one last chance to clear her name -- or she's gonna sue.

In a letter Prejean's lawyer fired off to the lawyer representing pageant honcho Keith Lewis, the attorney says Lewis defamed her by making her seem uncooperative and difficult to deal with. He did not address Donald Trump's comment to us ... that Carrie treated people "like s**t."

The letter also accused Lewis of using Carrie to push a gay agenda.

And here's the best part ... Carrie's lawyer says Lewis had no right to release her confidential medical information -- aka, a boob job.

The letter claims Carrie has suffered "severe emotional distress." If Lewis doesn't recant his comments, Carrie's lawyer promises a lawsuit.

First of all, I thought it was Moakler that said Prejean got a boob job. I don't remember Lewis saying it. Regardless, there's a big difference between saying that someone had a boob job and releasing private medical records. One is a crime. The other is not!!

While we're on the subject, who the hell didn't know that her boobs were fake? If you thought they were real, you're obviously blind!! In one photo she was flat. In another one, she had boobs. Boobs don't grow overnight!!

Second of all, she was uncooperative and difficult to work with. Her job was to represent the state of California as Miss California. That means she had obligations. When she reportedly didn't contact her EMPLOYER for days on end and reportedly would not communicate with them unless it was through her "people", how is that NOT being uncooperative and difficult to work with?
When she reportedly didn't take part in 30 plus Miss California engagements, how is that NOT being uncooperative and difficult to work with? If I didn't show up for my JOB, I'd be fired.

She is suffering from "severe emotional distress". Really? That's funny because she didn't appear to be suffering from SEVERE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS when she cohosted a FOX NEWS program. She didn't appear to be suffering from SEVERE EMOTIONAL DISTRESS when she was endorsing Prop 8, and "traditional" marriage.

Apparently SED is a disorder that appears when it's convenient for her, like when someone is telling the truth about her!!

Perhaps she might want to rethink turning down that Playboy offer. If she takes this to court she's going to need that cash when she loses and has to fork over court fees!!


  • At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Once a looser - always a looser! She is the one who hasn't honored her contract with the Pagent. This girl needs to get a reality check!


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