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Saturday, January 24, 2009

And So It Begins

Four days, that's how long Barack Obama has been the president of the US.

And it took him only three to kill as many civilians as he could in one go.

Was there any doubt that he would do this?

I mean, I only said that he wanted to bomb Pakistan, what, a year ago?

Someone told me that that would be insane.

Really? You think?

Here we go again.

Is this change?

Despite all of the window-dressing (supposedly limiting lobbyists from running roughshod over his administration or disallowing anyone from lobbying his administration after they've left; check this one out if you want to have a laugh; the closure of the Guantanamo Gulag, etc.), there are some things that never change.

US policy is to bomb the shit out of anyone that can't stand up and fight back. That doesn't change just because the president changes.

The people in North Waziristan are basically a people without a country, even if Pakistan still claims the region. While the Pakistani government gets upset about the US murdering the people there, they don't declare war on the US and they have yet to fight back, to defend their own people.

Barack Obama is no different than George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or any other thug that has ever lived in the White House.

Congratulations, America.


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