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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is American Arrogance At Its Finest

Jacques Rogge, the IOC President, bashed Usain Bolt for the way he celebrated. Rogge said that Bolt needed to show more respect to the other racers. It's funny how he's not saying the same thing about Dwyane Wade, a US basketball player.

Wade says gold medal back with rightful owners

BEIJING (AP)—Welcome to the final edition of Inside the Mind of Dwyane Wade. What can I say, we came to Beijing and showed that we’re the best in the world at the game that was invented in America. And I’m going to enjoy this.

The last Olympics left a bad taste in my mouth. But I got my gold on, my new friend. It’s going to be with me for a while. So anybody who sees me is going to see the gold. I’ve got to get security for it.

This gold medal is back with its rightful owners.

Every game was good for us. We dominated these Olympics. But it wasn’t easy. I know sometimes we made it look easy, but it wasn’t.

Spain pushed us to the limit, they’re a great team. But at the end of the day, we had more weapons. We were the better team. We made the plays we had to make to win.

But it was a long road back, for me personally and for the United States. So we’re enjoying it.

After celebrating on the court, we continued in the locker room. That was special because we were able to share the moment of being Olympic champs by ourselves. But then we got on the bus, and there were 15 bottles of champagne waiting on us. We were shaking it up and spraying it around.

Right now it’s about 8:30 at night, about four hours after the gold medal game ended. I took a break from celebrating to talk to you guys, but I’m going to get back to that right now.

I hope you enjoyed following our Olympic journey through my eyes, getting a taste of what it takes to be Olympian. But I’ve got my NBA ring, I’ve got my finals MVP and now I’m coming home with a gold medal.

First of all, the Olympics are supposed to be about AMATEUR athletes competing not PROS. Had the US actually possessed enough balls to back up their shit talk with amateurs instead of pros, the results may have been completely different.

It's rather arrogant to profess that the gold medal is back with its "RIGHTFUL OWNERS". Funny Mr. Wade, but I didn't know that you actually OWNED anything. I didn't know that the US actually OWNED any medal.

I realize that it's a lot to ask of Americans, but try having a little respect for your opponents. Maybe then the rest of the world won't think that Americans are arrogant assholes. Mr. Wade has just proven that point!!

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