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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden: Great For America, Great For Americans

Yeah, sure, whatever.

I thought it would be really interesting to hear from every day Americans today when it was announced that Joe Biden was running alongside Barack Obama.

You all didn't let me down.

I think I've figured out why every sycophant that backs Obama is able to forgive his back-and-forth, ever-changing positions on the issues.

It's because they, themselves, are the exact same way.

What's today? Oh, Saturday. Well, today, I'm for the war in Iraq. Monday, though, I'm against it again. But, by Friday, I'm back on the bombwagon.

That's the thinking of Barack Obama and that's the thinking of his backers.

This morning, callers into C-SPAN were expressing how happy, overjoyed, beside themselves with glee, that Joe Biden was chosen by the Powers That Be (of course, not one of them said those three words) to be Obama's running mate. There were comments about how he's great because he knows foreign policy and he's great because he's experienced and it just blew me the fuck away.

Some of them were vindictive as hell, still invoking the name of Hillary Clinton and saying that she wasn't chosen because "of what she and Bill Clinton did to denigrate Obama". This despite the fact that they'd previously said that an Obama/Clinton ticket was "the dream ticket".

There were very few people saying that Joe Biden was a boring/insane choice. But, as I have said, the Powers That Be get what they want and they wanted milquetoast Joe Biden, warmonger extraordinaire. Boring, by the way, hides the truth of Joe Biden. He's far from boring. Belligerent is more like it. There are plenty of video clips out there if you want to see this side of the "good" senator.

And he's perfectly at home being a lapdog for the PTB, having played this game for thirty-six years.

Which brings me to my next point.

A couple weeks back, after his tour of Afghanistan, Iraq and Europe, Barack Obama came home and he gave a speech in Lansing, Michigan, in which he talked about how John McCain has been in Washington for twenty-six years and he's done nothing to change the course of America, done nothing to help the underprivileged, done nothing to change fuel standards, etc., etc.

I think John McCain is a warmongering schmuck that needs to retire to one of his six houses (or is it seven?). I have gone on record many times saying that if McCain were "elected" as puppet and went off to massacre Iranians, I wouldn't protest. Instead, I would run amok in the streets of this country or I would figure out a way to get to Iran and join them in the war.

So if any of you out there wish to confuse yourselves and think that I have love for John McCain, think fucking again.

But I digress.

With Biden beside him now, how can Obama make any more Lansing-style speeches? Biden has been at this thing for thirty-six years to McCain's twenty-six and nothing has changed. Biden is the old guard, the same old guard for which Obama professes hatred.

Yet here's Obama embracing tradition rather than true change.

He's never been there, that fictious land called Change, so, as far as I'm concerned, it's just another log on the fire.

But there it is.

If Obama wanted to have real change, he would have put his foot down to the PTB and he would have said he was choosing someone out of the phone book. And not the D.C. phone book, either.

That would have been change. What's the worst they could do to him? It's a bit late to find a replacement without some real questions flying, isn't it?

Nah, never mind, Barack says. I'm happy with this bullshit choice.

Joe Biden = Obama's LBJ, without the benefit of attracting voters.

I just can't wait to hear the statements out of the mouths of true believers like Mike Malloy.

I'll probably be back Tuesday, laughing my ass off.

No Change Coming.

P.S. Mike Malloy is realizing that Barack Obama isn't what he represented himself as. On August 18, Malloy wrote:

"[...] and yet more disappointment for those who honestly thought Obama was a Liberal Democrat...like me."

When I read that, I smiled wide and shook my head at the sheer stupidity of it all. I know I've harped on this for the longest time but I have to say it again. I dropped the dime on Obama back in January, to Malloy, at the same time I did with all of you. I continued to do so through February and March and finally gave up at the beginning of April.

It's been nearly nine months since I started doing my best to inform the apparently uninformed and here we are, nine months later, and Malloy's saying he fell for the okeydoke.

If he had just kept his wits about him, if he had read my fucking e-mails in the first place, if he had done his own research rather than swallow the bullshit being pumped out by the machine, he would have understood what I did and he wouldn't feel like a schmuck.

But, despite not having listened to him since March and not having written him since April, I can tell you exactly what was said after he made it known he was less than pleased. Malloy simply said, "We have to vote for Obama because the alternative is no alternative at all."

It happened in 2004 with John Kerry and here it is again with Barack Obama.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, indeed. In the land of Malloy, it's permanent Groundhog Day.


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