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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, That Was Fun

Don't waste your time now in checking out Chet Edwards. Unless, of course, you'd like to know what kind of freaks lurk in the halls of Congress. In that case, knock yourself out with Edwards and everyone else.

Joe Biden is the VP choice of the machine behind Obama.

Excuse me, I just nodded off.

Joe Biden from the school of thick skulls.

Joe Biden from the land of make-believe.

Joe Biden from...What the fuck?

Joe Biden wants to carve up Iraq, giving the Kurds their own country in the north, the Sunnis their own country in the middle of the country and the Shiites their own country in the south.

Because partitioning worked so well after World War I. Look it up, kids.

Joe Biden never met a "defense" bill that he didn't like, never met an "appropriations" bill he didn't sign onto. June 26, 2008, Joe Biden voted YES to continue the massacres in both Afghanistan (where, if you haven't heard, we just slaughtered 70 plus innocents...again) and Iraq.

But, hey, he fits in perfectly with Barack Obama, who wants to bring everyone out of Iraq and play musical massacre with them, putting them into Afghanistan where they can drop 20,000 lb. bombs on as many men, women and children that the US can locate.

He's a great backup in the event that the Powers That Be believe they need to "remove" Obama because Biden's a corporate yes-man, too.

I'm really going to be interested in seeing how the idiots amongst the Obama crowd justify their shots at McCain having been in the Senate for twenty-six years when they finally realize that Biden's been there for thirty-six years.

Thirty-six years. Yeah, Obama sycophants, you're getting REAL CHANGE with Joe Biden, aren't you?

Funny, funny, funny.

More later.

No Change Coming.


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