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Friday, August 22, 2008

America, Meet Chet Edwards. He Might Be Your Next VP.

When I came to the realization that Barack Obama was a perfect match for the Powers That Be and their corporate octopus back in January, I did so through the help of three websites.

One was The Black Agenda Report.

But, before I checked BAR out, there were other two places I looked.

OpenSecrets.org and VoteSmart.org.

Open Secrets showed me just how much money Obama (Clinton and McCain, too) was taking from corporations, lobbyists (despite his crapola fairy tale that he was clean where it concerned them) and lawyers that worked for these lobbyists and corporations. The fact that his numbers were very close to those of Hillary Clinton and ignored by people like Mike Malloy and Greg Palast was amazing.

VoteSmart.org has the voting records of every congressperson as well as every senator. The fact...I'll say that again, the FACT that Barack Obama continually voted to fund the Iraq massacre, despite, once again, his fairy tale that he hadn't voted to continue it once again went over the heads of those that would claim to seek the truth.

Now comes word that perhaps, maybe, could be, who knows, Chet Edwards (D-TX, 17th District) could be Barack Obama's pick for Veep.

Joy to the fucking world.

First of all, Chet Edwards is a conservative Democrat, something Barack Obama happens to be, despite the calls from the right that he's a socialist and the beliefs from the left that he's a leftist.
Second, Chet Edwards is fucking nuts!

Don't believe me. Please don't believe me. I don't want you to take my word for it.

Go to Wikipedia and find everything that's compiled there.

Go to VoteSmart.org and enter his name in the search field.

Or, better still, just click on the above links and find out for yourself.

Do it.

If you don't want to wait, though, here's a sampling:

Edwards voted IN FAVOR of the massacre in Iraq.

He voted to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST gays and lesbians not just in the workplace but also where it concerns marriage.

Nancy Pelosi, she who will NOT impeach Bush even if he executed her cat, thinks Edwards is a great choice for Obama.

If Nancy Pelosi owns a horse, she'd better watch its back where it concerns Chet Edwards; on September 7, 2006, Edwards voted NO on an amendment to the Horse Slaughter Prohibition Bill. The amendment would have protected horses against slaughter for human consumption.

Of course, he's voted FOR every military budget under the sun, obviously never meeting a bomb he didn't want dropped on innocent civilians elsewhere in the world.

He has no problem lumping every Arab or Muslim person in with the so-called "terrorists" by calling everyone a "jihadist", an "Islamofascist", etc., within the intelligence sector and federal government.

And he has NO problem with the FBI or the CIA listening in on your phone calls.

Great guy, right?

Well, let me let you in on a little secret. If Chet Edwards is the running mate of Barack Obama, he's the running mate of Barack Obama for a reason: to keep Barack Obama in line.

This is how they do things, the Powers That Be.

They look for a way to emotionally blackmail someone.

Maybe Barack Obama is a sex fiend, I don't know. But if he is, he's blackmailed into doing whatever the Powers want because, if he doesn't, they'll just Clinton his ass.

Maybe Barack Obama is a basket case, I don't know. But if he is, he's blackmailed into doing whatever the Powers wish because, if he doesn't, something will be leaked to the media to show that we have a mentally unstable president sitting in the Oval Office.

Maybe Barack Obama has a drug problem, he claims to have used, meaning he's still an addict. Once an addict, forever an addict. If he is, he's going to do what they say or a picture is going to appear that has him doing a line or taking a hit off a bong.

They can't ever tell if shit like this is going to take so they go out and they get someone that's just as, if not more, ambitious than the guy/woman running for puppet in chief and they put that someone in the role of Veep and then they start making noise about how easy it would be to get rid of the front man so the front man better do as they say.

And that's the end of the game.

It happened with Truman, with Eisenhower (who got a small measure of revenge when he gave his farewell address), with Kennedy (the use of sex as a blackmail tool against him; it would have continued had he not been assassinated), apparently Lyndon Johnson had some kind of emotional problems. Nixon, well, Nixon was Nixon. Ford was a puppet of the highest order. Carter had emotional problems. Reagan was already a vegetable. Old Man Bush had emotional problems. And Clinton had sex. Junior is an imbecile and, as long as he gets to play with his big ass toys and shit like that, he's happy.

So what's Barack Obama's deal? Is he any of what I said above? Or is he just like the people that surround him? We know just by looking at his record that Chet Edwards is crazy.

And, in the other corner, John McCain has slipped around the bend, so he's easy to control, too.

America and Americans, you are about to get fucked again.

No Change Coming.


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