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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Father Begets The Son

C-SPAN, in their "infinite wisdom", decided this morning that you haven't had enough bullshit shoved down your throat yet.

So they gave you Mark Brzezinski, son of Zbig and yet another foreign policy flack for Barack Obama.

I would just like to call attention to the fact that I warned you about these people from the jump, all the way back in January. I was not, and am not, the only one doing so; there are far more knowledgeable people than I who have been saying this shit for the longest goddamn time, not the least of which is Adolph Reed, Jr. You would do well to read everything you can get your hands on by Professor Reed.

But I have been talking about the Brzezinskis and the hooks they have in Obama and his "foreign policy" since January and I have either been ignored or scoffed at. If I've changed anyone's mind about Obama by mentioning the company he keeps (or those that keep him), I haven't heard about it, no one has spoken up.

For your information:

Mark Brzezinski harped for at least a half hour about varying issues of Obama's "foreign policy" but spent a majority crying about Russia and "our need for a strategy against Russia".

He called Russia "a threat" no less than twice, never acknowledged that Georgia attacked South Ossetia where Russia had peacekeepers (despite a caller mentioning this fact), and advocated the missile "defense" system that the US wants to plant in Poland and the Czech Republic. He said that Obama would have gone about negotiations a different way than Bush and company did. He did not say that Obama is opposed to it because, clearly, he's not. Brzezinski claimed that the "defense" system was necessary for the US to "protect our allies from threats like Iran and Russia".

He also said that the US, under Obama, would do everything to "protect" Israel, despite the fact that Israel is one of the leading terrorist nations on the planet (my words, not Brzezinski's), behind the US and Britain, of course.

Yeah, Mark, I said as I watched this, Obama already made that clear when he told those assembled at the last AIPAC gathering that his first act as prez would be to peel off $30 billion for the "defense" of Israel.

He was asked, by a Republican that clearly doesn't understand much, some horseshit question about whether or not Obama would call 9/11 an "invasion" of the US.

Brzezinski's answer meandered all over the place, winding up in Pakistan at one point, continuing the line that Obama would invade Pakistan even if the Pakistani government did not welcome US presence.

My running commentary was: Don't forget that Obama thinks that Afghanistan was/is "the right war". Dropping 20,000 lb. bombs on innocent people doesn't even elicit a blink from Barack Obama.

If there were more than thirty minutes with Mark Brzezinski, I only saw the final thirty. It's was plenty, believe me. I'm really surprised I kept my breakfast down.

I suppose that someone will be writing in and asking me what's wrong with anything Mark Brzezinski had to say. And I suppose I'll be responding with one word.


No Change Coming.


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