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Sunday, August 03, 2008

And Now For Greg Palast

The other day, I mentioned why I was no longer associated with Mike Malloy or The Mike Malloy Show.

For those that missed it, the Cliff Notes version: it's no longer a "truth-seeking" program. If you have anything critical to say about Barack Obama, it is either ridiculed, smacked down or never makes it to air. I wanted the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to be told not just about Clinton and McCain but also about Obama. This was simply too much for Malloy to handle so he stopped handling anything I had to say about his candidate and I stopped associating with him.

Enough said.

The other day, I also mentioned that I used to have respect for Greg Palast but I never elaborated upon why. I'll give you a good idea today.

The reason I had respect for Mr. Palast, bought two of his books, a DVD about the theft of the "election" in 2000 and genuinely liked him was because he was saying things that weren't being said, digging into dark places and finding the truth, things that the US media refused to do.

The reason I lost respect for Mr. Palast was because he stopped doing the exact same thing that had made him famous, proving to me that he was and is simply an operative for the Democratic Party.

Funny how a guy that loathed the DLC could support a candidate that was supported and continues to be backed by that very same group.

In 2000 and in 2004, Palast investigated the "elections" and found that "voters" were having their "votes" stolen, while others were being expunged from the rolls to begin with.

For those that wonder why I put quotation marks around certain words like election or voters or votes, it is because I don't believe that there are any such concepts.

But I digress.

In 2006, Palast trotted out the same song and dance and, when the Democrats "won", Palast had to act quick and make up an excuse as to why he was wrong. His story was that there were just sooooooooo many people "voting" Democrat that they (the Republicans) couldn't steal the "election" this time around. The fact that this excuse didn't sound suspect is evidence that Palast had made it to the scene, that he could be counted on to give us the "truth" when others couldn't. The fact that the Democrats did shit-all to satisfy the American people seems to have been lost on Palast. I guess it's not what he does.

But it's "election" season again and that means it's time to trot out the scare again.

So trot it out he will.

Never mind the connections between Obama and the very same corporations that McCain is supported by.

Not Greg Palast's concern.

Never mind the connections between Obama and scumbags like Tony Rezko.

Not Greg Palast's concern.

Never mind the warmongering policies of Obama.

Not Greg Palast's concern, either.

But let's talk about McCain and his connections to the oil industry.

And goddamn it, let us talk about how the Republicans are going to steal the "election" from Barack Obama, as if Obama owns it or something.

As if McCain could steal anything.

The number of sheeple that have fallen for Obama's whatever (no one wants to explain this guy to me) would riot if anything like that happened.

This fact seems to be lost on Palast, as he continues to push the scare again.

Here's hoping he doesn't decide to make up a story about why he was so wrong again.

It's a fait accompli that Obama is going to be the puppet of the US come January and I've resigned myself to that fact since January of this year. I haven't the slightest care in the world if Obama is puppet. What I do care about is how easily someone like Malloy or someone like Palast or the American people can be suckered into believing that Obama is something "fresh", "new" and "different".

I question whether or not Palast or Malloy were ever really suckered or if they simply sought to sucker the rest of us.


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