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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change For The Sake Of Sounding Good

In the spotlight again, Barack Obama.

Please hold your applause until you read everything.

Barack Obama supporters like to talk about race and racism and how somehow, apparently magically, he's going to get rid of it. Just how he'd do this, they don't say. In fact, the only thing they do say when quizzed on this is, "Because he's both black and white and he can bring the country together." Doesn't sound like a plan to me. Sounds like a description of Barack Obama's ethnicity. Yes, he is, in fact, black and white. Whether he can bring the country together remains to be seen.

No doubt Barack Obama has heard this statement again and again but feels no need to address just what he would do to confront and supposedly end racism. Why bother explaining or contradicting your cultists when the myth is so much better?

Then there's the matter of gender equality. Barack's got a lot of female backers, some that are so rabidly pro-Obama that they have decided that they're not interested in ever having a female president. But these female backers of Obama don't badger him into making statements about what he would do to improve their lot in this country. Not to worry, magic will take care of it...again.

Obama's idea of gender equality is, I guess, calling female reporters "sweetie" and then, after being caught with his pants down, apologizing on their cell phones. I've read plenty of so-called liberal blogs (written by men, of course) that say they have no problem with this kind of chauvinism. There are, thankfully, a number of women that are just as disgusted as I am, as a man, about this kind of treatment of women.

Remember when Kenya was on fire and people were being massacred on a daily basis a few months ago? The call went out for Obama to intervene because his grandfather's second wife (mistakenly identified as his grandmother) lived there. Magic wand and suddenly things are fine again in the country of Kenya (something that's a bit of a stretch but then again, what hasn't been thus far?).

Shortly afterward, we heard about how Obama would be good for this country because he'd be good for relations with Africa (as if Africa is one, monotonous, monolithic country instead of a multi-cultural mix of countries on one CONTINENT known as Africa).

But what we didn't hear is how Obama could affect the situation in Somalia.


Yeah, Somalia.

You do understand that Ethiopia is being backed by the United States to do whatever they wish to do (you know, kill, kill and, uh, kill) inside of Somalia? You do understand that the US shot cruise missiles into cities in Somalia, assassinating a man that they declared was an "Islamist terrorist", right?

Not only do we not hear about what Obama would do in Somalia, Obama doesn't even seem to want to discuss it. Good for African relations, right? The reason Obama doesn't say a damn thing about the situation in Somalia is simple: the people fighting against the US empire and their proxies are titled "Islamists". If you've ever read anything by Senator Obama or heard him yammer on, the one word that keeps coming up is "Islamist". "Islamists" are now the enemy, as Margaret Kimberley explains in an entire piece devoted to what your government, with the compliance of Congress (Barack Obama and, yes, Hillary Clinton included), is doing in Somalia in this week's Black Agenda Report.

Read up and before you bother me with your apologist comments about how Obama (or Clinton) can't control what Bush does with the military, think about how you sat and said that Congress should do something to stop the massacre in Iraq. If they can't do anything to stop the massacre in Somalia, how can they do anything in Iraq?

Change for the sake of sounding good, that's what Obama's campaign is all about.

It's a great slogan, it rolls off the tongue and makes everyone feel good but no one explains just what this change is and how it's going to take place.

I've been saying for months, there is no change coming.

Under a Barack Obama administration, the economy will still be in the toilet. But, in four years, people who supported Obama will be telling the country that we have to GIVE him four more years so he can get it sorted.

Under a Barack Obama administration, the bombardment of Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia will continue. But, four years later, people who supported him will be telling you and me that he needs another four years to catch Osama the mythical terrorist and pull the troops out of the by-then Disney-fied Green Zone.

Under a Barack Obama administration, women will still be earning 70 to 80 cents to every man's dollar. But, four years from now, people who supported Obama in the first place will tell us that, if we just give him four more years, Obama's sure to make it economically equal for women, to say nothing of cleaning up all the rapists and sexists.

Under a Barack Obama administration, racism will cease to exist. And he's going to do that in two years so he doesn't even need the extra four.

And under a Barack Obama administration, everyone will have a home and a job and the sky will be blue and the water pure. Of course, he doesn't tell anyone that he's in the pocket of the corporations that have foreclosed on millions of people. But you're not supposed to know about that or, if you do, you're not supposed to care about it. And guess what? His backers don't, either know or care.

Welcome to America. You're welcome to Barack Obama.

Just remember that this country gets the government it deserves, not necessarily the one it needs. And that's what's going to happen, yet again, in November.


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