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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kathy Griffin Censored By E! For Exercising Her Free Speech Rights

Did your hear about Kathy Griffin's acceptance speech at the Creative Emmy Awards? The E! network will now air the show but censor her speech because it has offended the poor little Catholics. Boo Hoo!!

She said:

“A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus,” an exultant Griffin said, holding up her statuette. “Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.”

The speech apparently has gotten Bill Donohue's panties in a huge wad.

The speech drew fire from a leading Roman Catholic group, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, which condemned Griffin's remarks as "obscene and blasphemous."

"It is a sure bet that if Griffin had said, 'Suck it, Muhammad,' there would have been a very different reaction," Catholic league president Bill Donohue said in a statement posted on the group's Web site. He called on TV academy president Dick Askin to denounce Griffin's "hate speech" and on Griffin to apologize.

An edited version of the Creative Arts Emmys is set to air on cable television's E! Entertainment Network on Saturday, the night before the live Fox network broadcast of the main Primetime Emmy Awards.

"Kathy Griffin's offensive remarks will not be part of the E! telecast," an academy spokeswoman said on Tuesday. An "abbreviated version" of her acceptance speech will air, instead, she said.

Griffin's reaction to the imbroglio, according to a statement issued by her publicist: "Am I the only Catholic left with a sense of humor?"

Bullshit!! If Kathy Griffin had said Suck It Mohammed, this fucker Donohue would have been praising her for the rest of her life. She would have been the greatest thing since string cheese!! What a fucking idiot!!

The thing that royally pisses me off is the hypocrisy of Catholics and Christians. Whenever someone says something negative about Islam or anything associated with it, this fucker and other Catholics or Christians out there tell Muslims to shut up. They tell them to relax because it's just a joke. They say it's no big deal. But GOD FORBID that someone dare to utter something even remotely negative about Jesus, Christianity, or Catholicism. That makes you a bigot. That makes you anti-Christian or anti-Catholic. That makes you the scum of the earth. You're offensive. You're obscene and blasphemous. You're using hate speech. You're a bitch. You're an asshole. You're this and that. Fuck you I say!!

For the record, Jesus had absolutely nothing to do with Kathy Griffin winning that award. Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with anyone winning ANYTHING!!

By the way, since when does E! care about "offensive" things airing on their network? Come off it with the holier-than-thou attitude, and stop bowing to the KING OF BIGOTRY Donohue. Apparently E! has done for Bill Donohue what Monica did for Bill Clinton? Oops, was that obscene? SUCK IT BITCHES!!

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