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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Racism Didn't Die!! It's Alive And Well In America!!

Whoever thinks that racism is dead and gone in this country is clearly delusional. It's alive and well in America. I know that for a fact.

Over the weekend I came across a website that was discussing the Jessie Davis case. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Jessie Davis was the pregnant woman missing from Ohio who was found murdered on Saturday. After finding the website, I decided to make some comments. More comments followed. Then on Saturday after she was found and the man who did it was arrested, the racists decided to come out of the woodwork.

Comments ranged from "women with at least a few cells in their brain should take this as a lesson not to get involved with black people" to "she deserved what she got for mixing races." As I proceeded to take on these pigs, their attacks became more intense. As I checked out the site today, I came across personal attacks aimed directly at me.

Is it a crime to wish a heinous death upon someone? I don't know!! But, that's exactly what someone did. The woman started her post by calling me a ******-loving bitch. She then went on to declare that I deserve the same fate that befell Jessie Davis due to my ******-loving ways. I was tempted to respond with "What are you going to do, burn a cross on my lawn while wearing your white sheet?" But then I thought otherwise because she was clearly an ignorant, racist bitch that didn't deserve a comment in return.

If you think that racism is dead in this country, you're sadly mistaken. This woman didn't know Jessie Davis. Yet she felt the need to trash the deceased in the most disgusting way possible. This woman didn't know me. Yet she felt the need to wish the most heinous death possible upon me simply because I dared to tell the truth. Just like I stated that Bobbie Cutts doesn't represent the black population, this woman doesn't represent the white population. But she certainly represents the attitude that a certain group of people in this country have. I wonder if her HOOD was ironed this morning before she put it on!! I'll also be sure to be on the lookout for a cross burning on my lawn.

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