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Monday, June 25, 2007

Blair Denied Catholic Conversion

Rumor has it that Tony Blair was denied the opportunity for a Catholic conversion. I think this is hilarious regardless of whether or not it's true.

Sources: Iraq War Means No Catholic Conversion for Blair

In the last official foreign visit by Tony Blair before leaving office as UK Prime Minister, the Pope is believed to have denied Blair's request to convert to the Catholic faith because of the Iraq war, church sources say.

The meeting was described by the Vatican as 'frank,' highly unusual language considering such meetings would normally be called 'cordial.' The encounter has been said to have contained 'unstinting criticism' for the out-going premier.

It is the Popes belief that a Catholic politicians public and private lives should not be separate entities. In this context, it would seem the Iraq war is seen by the Pope as one sin too far.

If this story is true, I wonder what the pro-war Catholics think about it. You can't be a Catholic and be pro-war!! I think a little excommunication is in order!!

The irony of it all if it's true is that the Pope was a member of the Nazi youth, and he is denying Blair a Catholic conversion over Iraq!!

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