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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Convicted Rapist Moved To U.S. Embassy In Manila

A U.S. Marine convicted of raping a woman in the Philippines has been moved to the U.S. Embassy in Manila, and will remain there until all "legal appeals" have been exhausted.

First of all, yeah right!! Twenty dollars says that as soon as his appeals are exhausted, he will not be returning to the custody of Philippine authorities. Twenty dollars says that this rapist will remain in U.S. custody and will probably be sent back to the United States where his conviction will be overturned on the basis that his rights were somehow violated. Twenty dollars says that this rapist will not see another day behind bars. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But don't be surprised if that's exactly what happens.

Second of all, this man is a convicted rapist. Oh but I forgot, he's a man. He can do whatever he wants to a woman, claim it was consensual, and all is well. He shouldn't be held accountable because after all, he's a good boy. He would never do anything wrong. He's a U.S. Marine for Christ sake!! U.S. Marines don't rape women...cough...cough!! Nah, never!! Oh, but didn't some Marines rape a 14 year old girl in Iraq, murder her family, murder her, burn the house down to hide their crimes, and then lie about it? Nah, the U.S. military is honorable. They would never do horrible things like that!! Yeah right!!

The point to all of this is that he was convicted of raping this woman. He should be in jail where he belongs, and appeal from there. He shouldn't be handed over to U.S. custody. I don't give a shit about some agreement that both countries signed. The courts in the Philippines found him guilty. The courts in the Philippines decided that he raped this woman. Therefore, he should be rotting in jail with the rest of the criminals that are there. He shouldn't be housed comfortably in the U.S. Embassy or anywhere else. Why should he be afforded this luxury when he clearly didn't give a damn about the welfare of the woman he's been convicted of raping? He shouldn't, and the United States should stay the hell out of the business of the Philippines. He was tried and convicted in their country, not ours. The United States needs to stop trying to prevent justice from being served. He belongs in a jail in the Philippines, period!!


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